♪ Bonus Interview – Peter Anthony on The Artistry of Forgiveness: An Incredible  Journey from Hollywood to ‘HolyWould’

♪ Bonus Interview – Peter Anthony on The Artistry of Forgiveness: An Incredible Journey from Hollywood to ‘HolyWould’

The Artistry of Forgiveness

by Peter Anthony with Host Marcy Neumann The HeartShift Coach | HeartShift Radio

An incredible  journey from Hollywood to ‘HolyWould’ 

The Divine artistry of the brushstrokes of Peter’s journey of Forgiveness and Letting Go delivered him to a brand new canvas for life he could not have imagined for himself.

His story is a journey that will leave you spell bound and will be one you will never forget. It is a mastery of the power of self awareness, accountability and deliberate action birthing the personal empowerment and healing he now lives and teaches.

Listen in and give yourself the gift of being inspired and reconnected with your own truth, your Divine Self and the truth you really came here to live.

It was my absolute pleasure meeting and talking with Peter.  Read more about Peter and what he’s up to now.

Until next time,

Huge Hugs and HeartShifts

About Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony is a producer, Paranormal Expert, contributing writer for several spiritual magazines across the country, author of Key Master, and a Numerology Life Coach. The early days of Peter’s career began when he was studying to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist. Anthony received a phone call to make an appearance on ABC’s P.M. Magazine, when a scheduled guest canceled at the last minute. Leeza Gibbons was the host of this news-entertainment TV show. Peter was unaware that this phone call would launch his career in television. Julie Gauthier, producer for CBS News, tuned in the night that Anthony’s segment aired, and the rest, as they say, is history. Working alongside Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, Leslie Stahl, and Bob Schieffer, Peter was quick to rise and was soon working with the who’s who in showbiz, as a free-lance image consultant.

In 1987, the after effects of a Near Death Experience presented an inexplicable gift of mathematical codes such as; 33, 222, 333, 444, as well as a series of 0.000’s followed by a series of 01.111’s. This played a life changing event in Anthony’s life. His extraordinary artistic talents vanished, and were replaced with arithmetical knowledge, allowing Anthony to become an expert in Numerology.

Hollywood VIPS behind closed doors heard about Peter’s gifts as an intuitive, and began booking private sessions for themselves, as well as their family, friends and colleagues. In 1995, Peter’s NDE abilities landed him on Fox’s hit TV paranormal show, Sightings. Anthony traveled extensively throughout America, working alongside a team of paranormal and forensic experts, as a psychic detective. Resolving forgotten murder cases, as well as exploring haunted houses, cemeteries, abandoned caves, and concentration camps, skyrocketed Peter’s career into becoming an overnight success in television. Peter has appeared on The Lezza Gibbons Show, Borderline, Beyond Belief; Fact or Fiction, Celebrity Séance, Coast to Coast, with George Noory, Fox’s Morning show, Wake Up, Palm Springs Psychic, Spirit Talk, with Chris Fleming, The Doctor Leslie Show, Dark Thirty Radio, as well numerous day and night time radio shows across the country.

Peter Anthony’s book tour across America promotes the International Association of Near Death Studies, and has propelled him to becoming a defining speaker for NDE’S. Mr. Anthony’s book, Key Master, inspired by his own NDE, has been recently inducted into the Edgar Cayce Library, and is under development for a film. Whether it’s clear to us or not, there is an indisputable order to our universe. The Key Master Trilogy unfastens a thought provoking perspective, with the intention of allowing the reader to discover world wisdom from beyond. Peter Anthony’s second book, The Accidental Prophet, soon to be released. 


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♪ Bonus Interview – Linda Kroll on Compassionate Forgiveness

♪ Bonus Interview – Linda Kroll on Compassionate Forgiveness

Bonus Episode - Interview with Linda Kroll on Compassionate Forgiveness

by Marcy Neumann The HeartShift Coach | HeartShift Radio

Linda Kroll is an expert in Compassionate Communication,  particularly in the field of relationships that seem to have gone awry.

Our conversation is profound on many levels, but I was truly moved with the potential for transformation in any relationship with the tools and processes she has created.

Linda teaches that each and every one of us has the ability to choose..to choose from which self we are responding from; the expansive true SELF or the smaller, limited self that often reacts instead of responds.

When we realize we have this choice and have the tools to support it, we can show up in any relationship from this place of connection rather than separation.

Linda’s book and programs are tools that enhance every level of communication whether verbal or action based as they are based on her deep understanding of the Energy of thoughts, words and deeds.

Enlightenment and Compassion walk hand and hand and this book is one of my favorites when it comes to relationships.

Linda teaches how to be your best SELF and learn how to Compassionately Communicate! Add more passion and compassion to your relationship today.  Read a Free Chapter.

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What Is HeartShifting?

heartshifting, heartshift coachFinally, A Cutting Edge Process Creates Lasting Change


Trying so hard to just change your thoughts in order to change your life.  Many have tried, few have succeeded with just this belief system.

If it was that easy, everyone would be living the life they were meant to live.  An authentic life full of happiness, health, wealth, love and a self-love so strong that nothing can shake its foundation.

How many times have you tried this but the change didn’t come…or maybe it came, but it didn’t last.

I’ve heard from so many people of the repeated disappointment trying to change their thoughts and make those thoughts stick.  And I knew there had to be more to the process.

Why Are You Making Bad Choices?


This is what I discovered in my research and development of the HeartShifting process.

First, the choices and decisions you’re making now and have made in the past (the ones that aren’t working to make you happy, healthy, whole and fulfilled) are based on your perspective.

When something in your life happens, your reaction is triggered by a previous memory. Consciously or unconsciously, your reactions are skewed and have skewed the way you look at the world. This is your perspective of events and experiences.

The lens through which you see your life, react to your life, react to experiences and events is based on this skewed perspective. It’s been permeating everything you do, how you think and react.  It’s behind making the same bad decisions over and over or ending up in the same type of situation over and over.

Just trying to change your thoughts alone won’t work.  In fact, it can be dis-empowering. Why? Because if your thoughts begin to betray you (and they will because of this skewed perspective), you begin to think something’s wrong with you, beat yourself up over not being able to change, to make it work.  And that’s just not the case.

And that’s where HeartShifting comes in.

Vibrational Change is Lasting Change

HeartShifting is the actual process to learn to use your heart to change the vibrational frequency and energy of your thoughts. That is the key to lasting change.

Changing the vibrational frequency will change everything that comes into your life.

This is how powerful it is because that lens that you’ve been looking through up until now is going to shift and that shift is created right in your heart.

And only in your heart.

Not through the hearts of others that you’re trying to please, not through the hearts of others that you’re trying to measure yourself up to but your heart. And within your heart lies all of the information that you need to be successful in making this transformation. The HeartShift process teaches you how to shift your thoughts, shift your heart and shift your life.

This lifetime is meant to be a time of abundance and joy and for you to experience and to grow and to evolve. Up until this point, that’s been difficult because the tendency has been to fall back into the same thought process, the same belief systems.

After experiencing the HeartShift process, you’re going to have a different way to view your experiences and events in your life.  You’ll see how easy it is to have created a new perspective and continue that new perspective .

But like anything else, just like when you began to learn to ride a bicycle, it took practice. And so I only want you to begin the HeartShifting process if you’re truly dedicated to change

♪ #2 – Energy of a HeartShift

EPISODE #2 - Energy of HeartShifts

by Marcy Neumann The HeartShift Coach | HeartShift Radio

♪ #1 – Welcome to HeartShifting

♪ #1 – Welcome to HeartShifting

Episode 1 - Welcome to HeartShifting

by Marcy Neumann | HeartShift Radio

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