#55: Sue Urda — Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

July 27, 2021

Let me introduce my next guest on the High Vibe Tribe – Sue Urda & Powerful You! Publishing

Pride month cannot roll by without us talking about our basic rights for Freedom; freedom to express, freedom to choose, freedom to BE, freedom to LOVE. 

The world at this time appears to have robbed many of us of those freedoms disguised in fear, censorship and coverups having ‘your best interests’ in mind. Just when we thought we were winning…just when we thought we were making great strides towards equality and giving voice to those who have been voiceless for so very long. Just when we thought we had a leg up on living our constitutional or humanitarian rights. Mmmm. What’s happened? PRIDE, are you in jeopardy? 

Not as long as Sue Urda has something to say about it! Of course, in a gentle, peaceful and loving way! But make no mistake…Powerful You Publishing is a platform designed so that you can be and express YOU. It’s a place where you can share your story, how you have tamed your demons and found the self love to live as you were intended to; as the real, authentic you! 

It takes courageous moves to come out as Sue shares with her own coming out story. There is often so much fear associated with taking the risk to be loved unconditionally and yet, it is that unconditional love that each of us must cultivate for ourselves in order to allow others to do the same. The rewards are unimaginable; a new sense of freedom, confidence and Powerful You! 

And putting  it in print, sharing it with the world is one of the most powerful things you can do. Sue Urda believes this IS a matter of Pride! Pride in claiming and living as the authentic and Powerful YOU! 

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Our mission is to raise the vibration of people and the planet, and to connect and empower individuals in their lives.

With our publishing company, it is our honor to spread the messages, lessons, and stories of our authors that are aligned with our mission, and are dong good in the world.

We strive to make the world a better place through our mission and through supporting people who are doing the same.


About Sue

Sue Urda is a grateful publisher and your Feel Good Gal. She has impacted thousands of individuals through her transformative talks and inspirational writings that teach people to embrace the power of feeling good. She is a two-time honoree on I.N.C. Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and she is an award-winning and #1 bestselling author.

As co-founder and Publisher of Powerful You Publishing, Sue has helped more than 350 women achieve their dream of becoming a published author. Sue is passionate about helping people make meaningful decisions they feel good about and move them to actions that are aligned with their values. Sue loves assisting individuals to “find the feel good” and live in that space every day.





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