El Chenier — Non-Binary 101:  Join me and my latest guest El Chenier as we dive into the non-binary world.

In El Chenier’s own words,  “Congratulations! You’ve figured out you are non-binary! Now What?” 

El Chenier, university professor of Critical Sexual Studies in Vancouver, and I had the most fascinating conversation! I learned so much about this new orientation, about myself ( a cisgender? ) and about why it’s important to be as open, flexible and accepting as possible.

After all, we are talking about more than a new shift in perspective that is taking the world by storm! Well, maybe not by storm yet… but it would appear to be mounting in its population and expression and we, as part of the human race, need to know about this phenomenon and new way of being!

Many of our previously identified siblings as brothers and sisters are giving up the he/she existence we have all been conditioned to expect.

In fact, did you know that there are now 72 identified genders? Stop for a moment and think about that…then, check in and see how you feeeeeeeel about it!

What a complex re-orientation of the world we are in the midst of! 

What does it mean for each of us?

What is the call for us as ‘enlightened’ Beings?

Where do we fit in?  

What/who are these new genders?

Is it sexual? It can be…

Is it based on your genitalia? No…

Is it being sexually fluid? Not necessarily!

Is it gay, trans, Bi or multisexual? Can be, maybe, not necessarily and perhaps! 

What then does it mean to be a Non-Binary person in this world and how do we understand and address them without knowing how to define them?  

Listen in to this eye-opening interview.



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El Chenier is an award-winner writer and educator whose scholarly work has deepened our understanding of gender and sexuality. Dissatisfied with the limits of the university classroom, they now work in community, offering courses and programs for non-binary people and those who love and support them.

“I use heart-centred creative practices to lead non-binary people home to their own bodies. By joining together in a place of acceptance, compassion, and non-judgemental exploration, we discover our true nature.”

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