#47: Dr. Brandy Victory — Biohacking The Blueprint to Your Healing

June 19, 2021

On the latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe…

I’m so excited to introduce my latest guest Dr. Brandy Victory.


Dr Brandy Victory is a ‘one of a kind’ healing professional wrapped up in this powerhouse of a personality and delightful joyous presence.


Her incredible extensive repertoire of modalities that she draws upon from her black bag includes 27 years of Chiropractic and 13 years of Functional Medicine where she has pioneered a program working with women seeking healing from autoimmunity, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


Dr Brandy uses the conventional means of gathering information through testing your blood chemistry but also begins your own mindfulness journey of reconditioning by cultivating your body/mind/Spirit awareness with an extensive 400 question questionnaire! 


Yes, there is no getting around it…this journey is all about you!


Conventional medical training combined with her powerful intuitive Spiritual healing training, neuro-emotional work and Shamanistic Healing modalities Dr. Brandy creates for you a customized program, focused on regaining your connection to your True Self, your own innate healing potential and ability as well as an actual blueprint for the journey necessary to heal your chronic issues leading to a new life of freedom, confidence and personal empowerment! 


Listen in as she tells you more about how she helps people truly regain their health, freedom and personal empowerment.

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The focus of my work is helping women step into their empowerment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To help them come to a place of deep understanding, that they have so much power to create to heal, to live a purpose driven life. I help women remove the roadblocks that keep them stuck and blinded to their power.

Dr. Brandy Victory, D.C. leads the movement in helping women heal from autoimmunity, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia so they can access their greatest potential. She utilizes functional blood chemistry and develops personalized supplement protocols, as well as practices intuitive spiritual healing, neuro-emotional work, and shamanistic healing modalities.


She is also a chiropractor with a strong focus on nutrition and coaches women to their greatness by helping them access their innate healing potential that lies within. You have everything you need to heal. We just need to find the key to unlock your healing potential so you can shine!


Dr Brandy is a Doctor of Chiropractic and can certainly adjust your hip for you.  She is Great!  She specializes in several different techniques and I am sure you will love her work.  She went to Texas Chiropractic College and has studied with multiple mentors in deepening her Chiropractic work and Nutritional Studies.  She has studies with Dr. Eric Berg with Body Restoration Technique, Dr. Morter with Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, Art Runningbear, a native American Apache Shaman, Dr. Ronda Nelson and Dr. Micheal Gaeta for Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

She has been a chiropractor for 21 years and has been practice Functional Medicine for 13years. What you will find with her work is she has direct experience with everything she offers as her healing work is a direct reflection of the care she has given to herself for her own evolution and expansion into wellness.


Dr Brandy offers a special discount to our High Vibe Tribe audience for her ‘hands on’ monthly program: Uplevel Your Health where she provides a monthly blueprint packet based on what will support your own seasonal health and wellness and offers a live Q&A for anyone ready to hear her answers and receive her additional guidance for true health!


Use the code HVT with your checkout for $7 off your first month as an Insider in her group.

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