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Everything you experience in life is and has been created in collaboration with the frequency of the energy you are emitting from your Heart Center

In most people, this frequency is normally at a very high level. When daily stress and fears arise, this frequency experiences interference.  And even though your heart will automatically attempt to right itself, if there is too much interference and accumulation of residue because of it, your heart needs some additional assistance in that process. This is what HeartShifting does.   HeartShifting is the recalibration of the energy of your heart so you can manifest the things you want to truly experience in your life such as intimate and enduring love, sustainable health and well-being, greater clarity of purpose, success in creating prosperity and abundance.  And of course, a solid foundation for Self Love.
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The Write Way


What is this?

Heartshifting the Write Way is a 4 week email exchange program of which there are no minimum nor maximum exchanges. This is an opportunity to pour your heart out in the comfort of your computer keyboard.


Who is this for? It’s for you if:

  • You have difficulty in committing to my weekly one-on-one private coaching sessions, this is a perfect alternative because you set both the pace and the timeframe for your exchanges.
  • You have only a few minutes a day or perhaps are only available at odd hours of the day or night.
  • You are just more comfortable writing to express yourself rather than speaking.
  • You have an interest or curiosity about HeartShifting and want to see if it is right for you.

Whatever your reason, this program is perfect for you because you are in total control and can write as little or as much as you wish to.

On the other hand, your control does not limit or restrict my ability to tap into your needs whatsoever as I tune into you energetically regardless of your word count. This is one of my intuitive gifts and as a writer, this method of communication is literally my 2nd language.  

Although you won’t experience the powerful one on one conversations and processes that I take my verbally guided private clients through, you will; receive my intuitive guidance, my mentorship, transformational tools, really powerful rituals and creative assignments that will help you to unfold and get to the other side of your issues or life challenges.

I put my heart and soul into my work and this is what you will experience, during each and every one of our exchanges and I am thrilled to offer this program to you.

You will receive:

  • A 4 week program of unlimited weekly email exchanges
  • My intuitive guidance
  • My mentorship,
  • HeartShifting tools
  • Powerful rituals and creative assignments to help you to unfold and get to the other side of your issues or life challenges.





Don’t want a long-term commitment?  Just want to get a taste of what energy healing with HeartShift Coaching can do for you?

Then this program is just what you want.  

2 dedicated weeks of commitment to jumpstart making your dreams come true

Here is what you get:

1 entry HeartShift Consultation

We will clarify your needs and desires and outline your HeartShifting  ‘to–do list.’

2 weeks of unlimited email exchange

You receive tools, processes and assignments designed specifically for you to get the results you are looking for and to address your Spiritual journey, establish your new energy field, chart your progress, and make any necessary HeartShift (recalibration) adjustments

1 exit consultation

You receive a full evaluation and energy processing for anchoring in all of the progress made with the HeartShifts you create


Before I started working with Marcy, I was challenged in letting go of old baggages, moving on with life, healing and fears. Since working with Marcy, I am feeling lighter, better and have a sense that I’ll be fine. My perspective on life has changed and I’ve realized that life is a journey and I don’t need to have all the right answers; I just need to be…I’m taking riskier decisions, engaging with others more, taking steps to have more of an active social life… I am more concentrating in taking steps to achieve my goals…I’m more honest of my feelings with people around me and I feel myself getting stronger and being more open and not push people away.

I was able to start breaking free from from the behaviors that were causing me and my loved ones pain

I was really stuck in many negative patterns of behavior such as blame, rage and feeling like a victim.  Marcy told me things about myself and my past that no one else could have ever known. Once I realized the truth of what she shared, I was able to start breaking free from from the behaviors that were causing me and my loved ones pain.  I was able to shift my beliefs, perspectives and behaviors as I started to shift my heart.  I was given concrete tools as well as visual imagary to help me apply her lessons to my daily life, to heal from my past and to start co-creating a beautiful, magical future for myself.



HeartShifting for Forgiveness

This program is the right one for you if you already know that Forgiveness issues have been holding you back from your happiness.  If you’re ready to reclaim the life of freedom that you came here to live, HeartShift for Forgiveness has the answers.  

Here is how this program works.  You will be given:

  • 1 Entry HeartShift Coaching Consultation
    We will identify your issues and set the energy frequency for successful letting go and energy recalibration.
  • All-access to my all digital, Forgive to Live
    This includes videos, audio sessions, transcripts, step by step Forgiveness identification and delayering, workbooks, guided visualizations, affirmations and prayers.
  • One email exchange
    I give you support, answer your questions and provide additional tools for your success.
  • 1 Final exit consultation and energy session
    I’ll help you anchor in your new energy field of Freedom and recalibration for the manifestation of the new life that is waiting for you.

Personal Commitment:
4 weeks of dedicated and committed focus on energy healing to let go of what has been robbing you of happiness and freedom and to create a new life of happiness and love.


It’s a 100% Turn Around. Life Is Very Different After Working With Marcy!

I came to Marcy dealing with depression, very low energy, no positive outlook and weight issues. After working with Marcy I feel more positive, confident, the past isn’t intruding all the time… I am more forgiving of myself and others, guilt is far off… I feel more balanced in my daily life, able to engage in what is in front of me, looking forward to tasks instead of putting them off and my sense of humor has returned… I’m able to love more freely – no judgments, no reservations…I am honest with myself now and able to deal with unhealthy issues. It’s a 100% Turn Around. Life Is Very Different After Working With Marcy!

♥ A Recent Client Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous ♥




This is a customized 4 week, private one on one program for creating permanent, transformational life shifts. 

These shifts are the catalyst for unleashing your happiness, health, joyful intimate relationships, success and Spiritual Enlightenment. 

As I tune into your energy field, each session is intuitively delivered based on your particular needs at that time. Each session is geared to the unfolding of your authentic self and the personal empowerment that follows.


As I lead you through this process of self-discovery, you develop an intimacy with yourself on a new and powerful level. This is the foundation for true Self Love, the ability to finally let go, find real forgiveness and release and reprogram the resistance pattern now governing your life and keeping you stuck.

The ultimate result is a new greater sense of Self, more confidence, intimacy, joy, health and the wealth that is your birthright. 

This program helps you learn and develop skills that will continue to serve you throughout your whole life.  This program plants the seeds to grow and develop leaving you empowered, enlightened and capable of creating a great life; the one that you deserve and came here to live.

Here’s what you get:

  •  60-90 minute Skype/toll-free phone exchange session
  • All sessions are recorded and sent to you weekly
  • Intuitively delivered based on your needs at that time
  • All sessions geared towards unfolding your authentic self and the personal empowerment that follows
  • Self-discovery processes
  • Development of foundation for true Self-Love
  • Understand unforgiven energy and how Forgiveness plays key role
  • Learning the techniques and tools to Let Go of the resistance patterns governing your life
  • Deep cellular processing to shift out the old, dense energy and let in a new energy of hope, lightness and love for yourSELF

You must submit an application for this coaching program.  Fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch shortly.


HeartShift — Master Coaching Programs

The following coaching programs utilize many different healing modalities, and which are energetic in nature, and all of which are Spiritually oriented and intended to create greater self- awareness, focus your conscious creation and strengthen your personal empowerment for the purpose of enhancing your life and ability to manifest the desires of your heart.

Because of the more in-depth nature of these coaching programs, in order to be considered, you should complete an application.  I’ll review the application, and I will be in touch shortly to see if you’re a good fit for a master coaching program. 


Spend the Day with me HeartShifting towards your true heart’s desire.

This program can be experienced either in person or online.  

I spend the entire day with you.  8 hours talking, exploring your dreams and desires, excavating the issues preventing you from having everything you deserve and want in life, processing, letting it go and healing from the inside out.

This day is filled with my intuitive counseling, HeartShift Coaching, skill building and deep, cellular, personal healing that creates an immediate shift in the energy frequency of your heart. This shift is then quickly evidenced in your life.

This program unleashes your Spirit and rejuvenates and nurtures your Soul.

At its finish, you will feel like you have been away on retreat for weeks and have returned lighter, wiser, clearer and more focused and more in touch with the real you than ever before.

This program includes 2 weeks of follow up support with HeartShift Coaching sessions and email processing exchange.


This program can be experienced either in your location or mine. We will  spend 3 days together, focusing on your issues and your HeartShift solutions.

Allow yourself to experience the sweet surrender of being able to relax in the knowledge that you will finally have the direction, finally have the tools and finally have the support that you need to make real, powerful change in your life and be able to sustain it! .

Our days will be spent talking, diving intimately into your dreams, exploring your heart’s desires, excavating your issues that have prevented you from having everything you deserve and want in life, processing, Letting it Go and Healing from the inside out through HeartShifting and transformation.

These days are filled with my intuitive counseling, HeartShift Coaching, skill building and deep, cellular, personal healing that creates an immediate shift in the energy frequency of your heart and then, quickly evidenced in your life.

This program unleashes your Spirit and rejuvenates and nurtures your Soul. 

This program includes 3 weeks of follow up support with HeartShift Coaching sessions and email processing exchange.


This program is geared towards the serious student who wants to create real and sustainable change and is committed to doing just that.

It is 5 days of my full on, one-on-one undivided attention to your Spiritual, Physical and Personal Development needs in order to create the HeartShift that will deliver what you want to be experiencing in your life right now.

This is a complete, holistic approach to your health and happiness by recalibrating and redirecting of your manifestation energy through the use of my proprietary process of HeartShifting as well as a variety of other modalities and my keen intuitive sense.

This week is geared towards releasing you from the bondage of your false and debilitating beliefs and fears creating self doubt, unworthiness, the feeling of  ‘not being enough’ and your inability to be loved or to love another.  All of the misperceived, false issues that have kept you unhappy, lonely, unfulfilled and separate from your true potential are replaced with beliefs that speak to your true nature and deepest heart’s desires.

This program is goal oriented, providing the foundation and outlining a path for you to reconnect with your Higher Self and your Spirit.  You regain the communication easing your fears and distrust going forward regardless of what life throws at you.   You will hear its messages and guidance and learn the skills and tools enabling  you to take action, create the necessary changes and proactively begin to establish your new authentic, deliriously happy life.

This program can be facilitated either in your location or mine, whichever suits you best, as it is ‘all about you’ and how I can best serve you to become the most expansive version of yourSelf possible.

This program includes 6 weeks of follow up support with HeartShift Coaching sessions and email exchanges.

HeartShift Master Coaching Application

Please put Master Coaching Application in the subject line and let me know what programs you’re interested in applying for. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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    Your Message

    Before you started working with Marcy, what were the issues that you were dealing with at the time? The main reason was I wanted to forgive my ex-husband so I could move on with my life.

    How has your perspective changed since working with Marcy? I realized so many things from working with Marcy.  The main perspective that shifted was learning that I had to forgive myself first.

    How have you grown since working with Marcy? By realizing even more about my accountability for my choices in life, understanding that I really had not felt worthy of love and that I thought I had to earn it kept me stuck in anger, rage and victim mode.  Now I feel more love, more joy, more peace and more empowered.

    What are some of the difference that you’ve noticed about yourself since working with Marcy? I am freer, lighter, calmer, kinder, and have tools to help me shift and pivot.

    What are some of the differences in your relationships since working with Marcy? I am less resentful, quicker to look at my part, better at evaluating energy, better at boundaries and therefore feel and give more love.

    How has working with Marcy changed the way you see yourself? I realize how powerful I am, how divinely loved I am, how worthy I am, and how I have unlimited potential to give and receive love. 

    ♥ Ruth Ann Rosh ♥

    Marcy helped me uncover hidden issues

    Marcy helped me uncover hidden issues, motivations and characteristics that drove my relationships.  It was an eye opener but made perfect sense as I could better understand myself and how I approached romantic relationships as well as life in general.   I have always been in my head vs. my heart and Marcy has helped me recognize and shift this.   A major positive impact for me has been to understand how to be more flexible to approach life and love differently – from a perspective of self love – what that means and how I can recognize when I am on and off that path moving forward.

    ♥ JOANNE♥

    What a kindness, finally, to myself to allow my full range of responses without self-judgment

    I’m pretty amazed by the internal difference in me… I’m finding that I’m not judging people, which is what’s caused the feeling of separation, and I think it’s because I haven’t been feeling unsafe around people…—I realize that I judge when I feel unsafe (and I feel unsafe when I feel separate…). What’s also shifting is my general daily contentment, joy even; and I’m showing up as more of myself, more fully expressed when I’m around my peeps. I’m being straighter, more direct, in my communications with them… What a kindness, finally, to myself to allow my full range of responses without self-judgment.

    ♥ MARJ ♥

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