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I’m so pleased to have Meredith Herrenbruck with me today.  You need to have some ‘big kahuna’ to rock the world of an entity attachment…or at least a big ‘know how’ rocking it with some big Huna!

Meredith Herrenbruck has them both…oh my!! Actually, she has an incredible tool belt as she combines NLP, Family Soul Constellation Systems and the energy work of the Huna. We are talking about some really powerful medicine here.

Trust me when I tell you that this is worth your while. Meredith explains the connections between NLP, Family Soul Constellations and Huna as well as the effects of our mental programming, and uses them to help uncover the root cause of a person’s issues, including her own!

What she has learned and the powerful healing she offers to others may inspire you to learn something new and entice you to stretch your offerings too!

After all…from my perspective, anything learned in a Mystery School taught by a legit Kahuna is something worth learning…I’m all for learning healing secrets: Huna!, here I come! Hawaii anyone?

Listen in and hear this powerful conversation.

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My quest for the right tools began as a young child when a childhood trauma knocked on my door.  Without the resources and support I needed (let alone identify), it took a long time to heal. I went through  my own pain, depression, frustration, and only once I found these particular tools as an adult did relief finally come my way.  And not only did the relief come but finally I had excitement for the future. Why did it take so long? 

Because I realized that after a long time in talk therapy, I started to spin my wheels. I wasn’t moving through and beyond my pain like I needed and wanted.  I also learned that I couldn’t change other people, that I had to change my own beliefs and experience.  That’s the only thing we have control over, and all that really matters, right? We want to have a better experience.  And our experience on this earth, as I have learned, is a many layered thing. 

From Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Family Soul Constellations and Huna, I have learned these tools address the many layers that shape our experience in every moment.  I have a master practitioner certification from NLP Marin, a Family Soul Constellations facilitator certification and was initiated into Huna by Kahuna Mark Saito in Hawaii and studied Huna with him over the span of 3 years.

Please join me in learning how to take even more control of your life and make your experience better than ever.



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