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Dr. Myke Merrill and Michael E. Wilson are a dynamic duo that speak about the importance of being mindful of one’s emotions and perceptions. When one understands their perceptions, emotions, motivations, and behaviors, they will be able to understand their true reality. 

 The question is 

“What is reality?” 

Is your reality different from mine?

Does our reality remain the same for us for ‘all of time’ or does it shift and change? 

If so, what influences those shifts? 

What is the most powerful way to “Boost Your Reality Intelligence?” 

And lastly, what is the greatest, most challenging aspect for creating change in your life and why? 


Mike WIlson and Dr. Myke Merrill have created a very powerful system for shifting the way we approach emotions to facilitate healing and create change. By utilizing their PEMBS system for addressing your Perceptions, Emotions, Motivations and Behaviors, you can better understand  and determine if they are working for you or against you. Your power of course, is the power you have to choose once you are aware of their effects.


A powerful and unique approach for creating inner and outer peace and structuring successful conflict resolution to benefit all of life!

Tune in and hear how it works and how it can help you live a life of better emotional well-being.  You’re going to love this episode!

Read More About Dr. Myke and Mike

Dr. Myke Merril has been a pastor of a local church in one town for forty years, He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Philosophy, and a minor in psychology, he also has a Master’s of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary, with academic honors. After two years as an associate, he and his growing family located in Hilton, NY, and are still based there. He earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Northeastern Seminary with his dissertation, “The Five Basic Emotions: A New Systems Approach.” 

 Seizing on a wide variety of opportunities, he taught as an adjunct instructor in a local college for 29 years, directed regional and national youth programs for 20 years, owned a restaurant for seven years, and he wrote 22 books and training manuals. He has traveled extensively to train others across the United States and he currently co-owns a school system in Honduras.


Michael Wilson is a Social Scientist and working professional in education for almost 20 years, along with 25 years in professional religious work.  In both areas he was actively training, speaking, counseling, crisis counseling, leader and leadership development. He traveled around to places around the world including, Israel, Haiti, Central Mexico. He is a Father of 5 grown children. 



Dr. Myke – drmyke.com/


Why Do People Act That Way – wdpatw.com


A journey into the
Five Basic Emotional Systems:


This book is about the human experience. It focuses on one key aspect of how human beings experience life: emotions. It presents a sequence by which people develop their experience of life:

1. The Complex of Perceptions
2. The Complex of Emotional Systems
3. The Complex of Motivations
4. The Complex of Behaviors

While these four complexes initially engage in this sequence, they become interactive, each complex affecting all the other
complexes in dynamic ways.

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