My latest guest on the High Vibe Tribe podcast is Jessica Stone, a writer whose journey has taken her across the pond on what many of us would consider an adventure of a lifetime.  But there was a very specific reason Jessica chose to up and move from New York to London.

Creating this new life abroad was the most defining moment for her before motherhood.

Despite this, her biggest frustration had been that she could seemingly do anything she put her mind to…except having a lasting, loving relationship!

She’s publishing her first book, a memoir about her experience as an American in London.  With a mix of humor and heartbreak, Craving London uses food as a metaphor and vehicle for writing about that inner longing no food can fix, and how she ultimately learned to “fall in love on command.”

Tune in for a joyful and soulful interview with Jessica Stone.

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Jessica Stone has spent a hearty chunk of her time plotting what to eat next and pondering the mysteries of love, both of which come together in a lot of what she writes.

Jessica grew up in a Cuban family in Miami and studied journalism at New York University before moving to London in 2004, where she trained in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu and wrote a blog that became the basis for Craving London. To afford city rents–and restaurants–she has worked as a copywriter on everything from dessert ads to dating advice.

Her articles have appeared in The Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, Restaurant Magazine, and Men’s Health. She lives in Pennsylvania with her son and a cat named Peppa. Visit her website at jessicamstone.com.

Her book called Craving London is out. Watch the trailer and grab your copy.

Craving London is an intimate journey of the heart and palate. Those engaged in a life-long love affair with food and travel—as well as a hunger for self-improvement and a curiosity for foreign culture—will find many ingredients to sink their teeth into here. Join Jessica as she reinvents her life from scratch, reminisces about her Cuban roots, shares her favorite recipes, and attempts to unravel the nature of relationships…one rapturous bite at a time.

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