#49: Zalah with The CFT – Three Ways Your Divine is Trying to Get Your Attention

June 19, 2021

On the latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe…

I can’t wait for you to hear my latest guest, Zalah with The CFT

Three Ways Your Divine Is Trying To Get Your Attention ( And it’s not 3x on the ceiling!) 

Financier Extraordinaire by day.

Closet Seeker of The Light by night until one day, it all came crashing in and fortunately for all, The Light ONE won!

And the Spiritual Superhero, Zalah was re-born in The Teaching as he began his journey to answer the questions he says we all must face, “Who and What you are.”

Tune into this episode as Zalah shares his story and how he brings together those who are ready for the next big leap in their spiritual evolution.

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As with many, Zalah’s life had come to a point where life begged transformation to regain sanity and make sense of the world. His quest for a new path led him to get free of everything that had come to define him, including being a shareholder in Canada’s largest investment firm and actualizing the dream of a successful career in finance. He had enough of selling his soul for the corporate goal.

It appeared Zalah had the “perfect life.” Inside, he was confused, miserable and wondering, “what is life really all about? Many of us have had to lose ourselves, to find ourselves. Zalah decided to quit life in the illusion, sever all ties and go deep within spiritually. He found a real live Master in another country and proceeded to study under him for seven years.

He subsequently returned to the city only to face the task of growing through enormous challenges. He learned when the truth sets you free, life starts to really happen “for you” instead of “to you.” That was difficult…until it wasn’t.

Zalah currently teaches at The Centre for Transformation™ (The CFT™) in Calgary, Canada. Zalah has been the best kept secret in North America as a Consciousness teacher. He is now stepping out into the public.

Zalah covers a myriad of teachings from health, to quantum physics. His passion for his teachings and the fact that he lives everything he teaches, empowers his students to live their best life and bring their unique gifts to the world. Given the challenges facing people out there with COVID 19, Zalah’s teachings help individuals make sense of the current realities and provide strength and renewed hope.

For 20 years, his powerful teachings have helped many students make sense out of their life experience and dynamics. Through a series of Teachings and events, Zalah helps his students find the magic in their lives again.

One of Zalah’s favourite quotes is: “Understand that the Wisdom of The Ages Teaching does not change you! The Teaching reveals Who and What you are, AND…..Once you have the courage to face your life dynamics, the magic starts to happen, and your transformation is at hand.”
His new book is “The Big Three …Three ways your Divine is trying to get your attention and how to get back into the flow.”


Stay Connected With Zalah

Website: thecft.ca


In a world where more and more people feel lost, disconnected, or disenchanted with their lives, The Big Three book offers more than a whisper of hope and guidance. It provides clarity of what the issues are and how to rise above them. Find out where and why you are caught and struggle in life by learning about The Big Three dynamics. You do not have to stay caught in these three dynamics of life anymore.

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