#46: Rosemary Thornton (Rose Ringer) — An Angel Walks Among Us

May 11, 2021

On the latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe…

I’m so excited to introduce my latest guest Rosemary Thornton (Rose Ringer)

An Angel Walks Among Us – That’s a pretty bold statement but it is meant to be. It’s not often that we come into contact with someone who has experienced it all in one bodytime like Rosemary has.. .Heaven and Earth and pure HELL.


The result? The freedom of authentic Beingness…she walks the walk, talks the talk and yes, in some ways has paid the price but the reward, well, here she is for all of us and to show us how! 


Rose has been on quite a journey…suicide of her husband and shunned to carry the blame, faltering as she fought to regain, only to be knocked down once again with her own Hell of a cancer diagnosis.


But something amazing happened as she was ‘ airlifted’  through her NDE ( Near Death Experience), walked among the Angels and then earned her wings. Then… to her dismay, finding herself walking on the earth once again but everything had changed. 


No longer a ‘mere mortal,’ having been blasted by ‘The Light’ like a laser beam that healed her, she arrived back home cancer free and not a cancer cell in sight.  


Quite an amazing story of resiliency and strength and frankly, a true inspiration for any of us no matter our plight! 


Listen in on our conversation right here.


Read More About Rosemary

For 20 years, Rose Thornton (Rosemary Ringer) enjoyed a national reputation as an expert on old houses. The author of nine books, Rose has been featured on everything from PBS’ “History Detectives” to BBC Radio.

In 2016, when Rose’s husband committed suicide at their home, she fell into a pit so deep and dark that medical professionals expressed doubts that she’d ever recover.


Two years later, Rose was diagnosed with stage two cancer, and during a related “minor medical procedure,” she bled to death and had no heart beat for more than 10 minutes.


In heaven, her predominant emotion was profound gratitude that this life experience had ended, but the angelic beings she encountered encouraged Rose to return to earth.


She was told that if she agreed to go back, she’d be restored to wholeness: perfect health, physically, emotionally and mentally.


Subsequently, medical tests affirmed that not only had the disease disappeared, but she was also healed of the crippling grief.


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