#45: Becca Haydon — Letting Go to Let The Wonders of The World In!

May 11, 2021

On the latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe…

I’m so excited to introduce my latest guest Becca Haydon.

Being a world traveler is a tough job but someone has to do it! LOL! So many places, so little time! Especially when you see yourself as a Global Citizen and understand you are following the journey that has been laid out for you by a power greater than yourself.

Believe me…that realization is no fluffy ride. You see there are Ley Lines…an energetic matrix which is part of Mother Gaia’s energy body and Becca; well let’s just say she ‘knows her ‘place!’ 

And like any open vessel, she pours herself out wherever she is led, constantly letting go of anything that would stand in her way or cause her to shrink in any way…

My conversation with Becca lulled me into this state of deep peace, gratitude and recognition that we are all playing our parts..some of us know what those are and some not. However, when we know, OH MY!!

You get to experience life as Becca does..anchored in, yet.free to run wild like the animals she honors with her Key2Me Project ( you MUST Google this OMG!!)

So this time she spoke to us from Turkey at dusk, but who knows where she’ll be next time? Well, only when the ‘Ley of the land’ says “follow me Becca, it’s time…it’s a must!”

Listen in on our conversation right here.

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Becca Haydon is a wellness coach and educator who has lived, worked, and taught in various places throughout the world. Her life experiences in classroom education, kinesiology, numerology, yoga, and vision therapy weave their way into all she does. Becca is currently living and teaching in Turkey.


Becca’s Key2Me Project designs & delivers unique products and services to support people in living more creative, connected, and conscious lives.



Her Animal Blueprint is just brilliant.  Watch the video and download a sample pdf about it and then go to her website and order your own Animal Blueprint.


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Download a Sample Animal Blueprint

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