#39: Susan Gelbman — An Insider’s View of Being a Healing Sanctuary

May 11, 2021

On the latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe…

I’m so excited to introduce my latest guest Susan Gelbman. 

A long list of credentials that could seemingly define the gifts of this healer…Labels, certifications, degrees and programs make her list long. But what does a healer depend on when all of those things cannot begin to describe who she is as an Intuitive Healer or even define what she does?

She does what Susan does…gets quiet and soft and answers from the only place where those answers can be found…in her compassionate heart. This is the heart developed through her own journey of pain, suffering and disappointment. The heart that rather than be disenfranchised or deemed abandoned,  has delivered herself on the other side more connected than ever before, able to access her clients needs from a place unveiled in the true nature of her authentic self.

This is her magic.

With the Light of the Goddess and the Heart of a Healer, her strength and depth draws us to each note of the beautiful meditation she gifts us with her singing bowls and twinkling chimes and the sound of her cat singing in time that rocks us and rocks us back and forth into the freedom of the deep sublime. 

Tune in to take this adventure; get a glimpse and feel the alignment of Heaven kissing the Earth…and a taste of Susan’s Sanctuary of Divine Love and Healing at work! 

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Susan’s Sanctuary of Divine Love and Healing – Words from Susan


“Nourish your body
Nurture your spirit
Sharing Peace and Wellness is my Mission
Receive, be empowered, and in charge.
Feel at home in your own body.”


My journey began when I became a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist 30 years ago. Working with energy healing became a natural part of my massage therapy. I became certified in Reiki and an Integrated Energy Therapy master/ instructor, IET (learniet.com)

Healing, light and love, those are my words, my mantra, my prayers. Through my personal growth my desire is to help you to discover your true self.

Of recent years, I have been honored to officiate weddings, play magnificent singing bowls before the ceremony to bring an atmosphere of harmony and delight.

“Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm;
it’s peace within the storm.”



Susan’s Sanctuary of Divine Love and Healing provides space and gathering in groups and 1 on 1 for the upliftment, ascension and well-being of individuals, the community, the planet and universe at large.


I offer hands-on healing, energy healing, instruction, guidance, sound healing and much more!

I bring these beautiful bowls to personal events and I offer my home to singing bowl meditations and relaxations.


Whether you decide to receive massage therapy or participate in a class, you will leave feeling relaxed, centered and stress free.
Call 516-906-5880 to learn more.

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