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 CONNECTING AGAIN – THE ADVENTURE! with special guest Cathie Sherwood

Cathie’s life reads like a fantasy novel.  It’s something like Life of Pi meets The Lion King where adventure and the power of nature are dressed in ethereal colors swirling around changing from scene to scene. It appears to be fantasy but you know in your gut that this woman really knows what she is talking about! Trust me, you’ll get it when you listen in as she speaks and you feel her words that sing…as she says, “like a tree!’ 


Her connection to Mother Earth is extraordinary, plants that speak, crows that sweep, delivering messages that manage to keep her alive and able to stand on her feet.  Her company, “Leafutopia”  has clear intentions that are all about loving and honoring Mother Earth.


We foster CONNECTION – 

  • Between Us and our True Self; Each Other; Ourselves and Mother Nature and thus support Peace & Harmony on our planet and in the world we are creating.
  • To Cultivate our desire to work with her through knowledge, guidance and experience.
  • To Connect with others already doing so to thrive.
  • To Elevate our consciousness to grow forward with peace and joy.
  • To Circulate our Energy throughout all Her Forms as Life must to stay healthy!


Let’s gather ‘The Tribe’ and with our intention to support her to thrive, let’s tune in with our Highest Vibes!

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I grew up in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, ‘in a tiny window where tales of exploits, both locally and from people all over the world, were regular stuff;  ‘tuckshop’ was at the local fish and chip shop on the beach, round the corner from school, a huge ‘blower’ fish in a bottle on the counter and swimming lessons at high tide! All the ‘Oddballs’ from everywhere came there to live and contributed their colour and craziness to the already rich and diverse land and people! Oh yes,  I got to meet it all – death, fun, space, adventure, exploits and wild raging wet seasons! Boarding school and viewing other people’s lives from planes, trains and automobiles’ though tears and excitement of going home … am grateful for it all!

In an ashram for 4 years from 18 years old, I received Prem Rawat’s Knowledge; trained and worked with an osteopath in natural healing and massage; married and had 2 wonderful children; completed a counseling diploma and worked in HELP with youth and Domestic Violence then private practice with my husband and continual forays into new and different healing modalities e.g. Was mentored in situ in therapeutic massage & yoga, then Reiki, Theta, Body Electronics, Mediumship etc.

From the age of 5, I knew OneNess IS Reality, that creation is a massive ecosystem fueled by an essential living power…that is consciousness manifest. Nature’s glory and potency has always been a source of joy and awe for me and the potential for ‘Heaven on Earth’ has relentlessly prodded and beckoned me forever on, to ‘more’ knowing of myself; information about life on this planet; claiming the joy and beauty Mother Nature gifts continually and the possibility of a world of ‘Oneness’ and Joy…

Living from Heart in Harmony IS UTOPIA – not everything ‘perfect’ all the time, but us having a base of LOVE and kicking fear to the curb with courage as a ‘normal’ way of being. LeafUtopia has been born from this conviction and a lifetime of pushing boundaries, mystical abilities emerging, the gift of the Knowledge from Prem Rawat and deep inner journeying.

It’s up to us humans to listen to our inner selves, in the quiet to also hear the wind speak, the animals gift us with unimagined wisdom and aid, appreciate the greatness of such a finely tuned earth to live upon.  We have abused all of it for too long and wreaked havoc on the very being we completely depend on for survival.

Should we choose to, we still have a tiny window to do it…let’s! The option is showing without question and not a good one.

I met Lisa at a series of ‘Energy Workshops’, we connected immediately and for 10 years now we have been dear friends, sorted out many life lessons, she illustrated my first book (‘Triunia’) and has been there through many thick n thin adventures.  We want to share our love of photography, our affinity with animals and plants, humans being human and awareness…

in this ‘Brave New World’ that is emerging.

… And all the world was hazed,

Into a dangerous Netherworld

Until some few, judged as ‘crazed’ did speak,

and Walk in that place that whirled …

… and

OneNess began to usurp the separation.

– Cathie Sherwood



What was once debated is now undeniable. The planet is changing. Places we once called home will soon be unlivable. The question is, can we reverse it? Many solutions have been proposed. But could the answer be far more simple than we thought?

The world is awakening to a new way forward.

Trees have emerged as a promising way out of this climate crisis. But we need to plant 1.2 trillion new trees by the year 2030.

These trees will suck up nearly 830 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s about how much carbon pollution we as humans have spewed in the past 25 years. But we have to do it together.

We’re gathering people from around the world to co-create a documentary that is too sacred to be told by one filmmaker alone. THE TREES MOVIE is a love letter to the silent giants that control our fate. A global collaboration that shows what trees mean to you—to your life, to your community, and to the world we share.

No matter who or where you are, we all have something at stake.

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or a novice with a smartphone and a story, you are invited to grab your camera and join us in telling the timeless tale of trees.

If selected, your story will be woven together with the stories of hundreds of fellow filmmakers from around the globe by a world-class production team.

THE TREES MOVIE is our story. As a species. As a planet.

Only by coming together can this film be made.

Only by coming together can we remember.


Watch the Tree Movie Video for more information

1. Contribute what you can.

2. Spread the word. Send everyone you know the link to our Indiegogo page: https://igg.me/at/treesmovie

3. Like us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/TreesDoc/


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