My next guest, on the High Vibe Tribe Podcast, Padma Borrego, is giving new meaning to the word Extraordinary!

Padma is a Bodyworker, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist, certified Structural Integrator, Certified Holistic Practitioner and a student of Syntara Systems, an energy awareness school. All of this makes her an incredible Lightworker and Healer for sure and her perspective that,” the body is a doorway to all of us” leaves us wondering and waiting for what she will offer us next.

But what makes her extraordinary? That’s what you need to tune into our conversation to hear and to take in and be changed by, For what makes Padma so extraordinary is her grace…what she has learned, allowed, become, adapted to, expanded through, has been stretched by, Turned inside out and upside down by…her life is what has made her extraordinary and that is nothing that could have been taught in a classroom in any other way.

Join us and join me as I celebrate Padma and all she has achieved for herself and for humanity.

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I have been on a personal journey of exploring embodiment, expansion and healing since I was young.

I had a pretty serious injury when I was a teen and was drawn to yoga in college. It blew me away from the beginning offering me a different way to be in my body and my mind.

I have been a yoga teacher for 26 years and a bodyworker for 23 years inspired by the changes in my body and those of the bodies I work with.

I have studied energy and healing in tandem with the very tangible work with the body, breath and movement.

It feels like an intricate dance of unfolding and reweaving in a beautiful way. Structure, function, form, movement, breath, spaciousness.

Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Structural Integrator, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Student of Syntara Systems energy awareness school.

Bodywork can build safety, body awareness and true embodiment slowly and gracefully.

Safety in our physical body and nervous system allows us to access other states of consciousness.

Building awareness in many levels of our experience allows us to weave the areas that are stronger with areas that are less
strong as we build more resilience in all of our systems.

Awareness of our body, emotions, thoughts, relationships, expressing, creating, connecting to a greater source of life.

Who are we and how do we keep expanding our awareness to hold even more of who we are.

My work is Inspiring a practice (and community) that supports this connection to the many facets of our being.



Yoga for Extraordinary Times Recorded Workshop –

Click here to watch the workshop replay

The intentional movement of yoga and breath offers an unwinding, reweaving and rebuilding. Revealing patterns in our body, revealing emotional and mental patterns and that awareness creates a conversation about who we really are.



Working on what is foremost and present in your life while addressing the energetic alignment that nourishes that form.

A resource based model of energy healing that supports your ability to find and build resources for yourself while bringing awareness to the many levels of consciousness and experiences in your world. Awareness creating change affecting form.


Working from where you are.

If you are injured or newer to yoga movement or need extra support we will start there. unwinding compensating tissues, softening patterns in order to set new ones.
if you are in pain and not sure how to change how you are moving to get out of pain we will start there. therapeutic yoga: repatterning movements, exploring how you move best.
if you need to build more balanced strength through your body we will start there. Adding movements that build strength and adaptability in diverse ways.

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