heal and let go and forgive past relationships

You know what I’m talking about…a past relationship you just can’t seem to let go of; a past relationship feeling like a weight on your heart or mind.

If you’re not there now, you have been at some point. 

How do I know? 

Because we all have.

Unless you have been living on a deserted island your whole life without another live creature, you’ve experienced the ending of a relationship. This ending with someone you loved left you with raw feelings: disappointment, frustration, bewilderment. Feelings of being unloved or perhaps even separate from the rest of the world.

The pain of this, the weight of this on your heart is like a cement shoe. (Put that image in your mind’s eye)  It keeps you stuck in the muck of it all but it also prevents you from moving forward…

…and it prevents you from actually experiencing a truly loving and intimate relationship with others. 

And a truly loving relationship is what you deserve to experience.

Therelationship, forgiveness, forgive, workshop, teaching, coaching, healing, letting gose 3 things keep you tied to the past

In order for you to experience a truly loving and intimate relationship with others, you must let go of the past.  And this just can’t happen without first purging the beliefs that interfered with that development in the first place.

So how can you tell if you need to heal and Forgive a past relationship?  Check these 3 things and if you’re doing any of them, you have some healing and forgiveness that needs to happen.

1. You feel stuck

That cement shoe is real.

It makes it impossible for you to move forward and when you try, it just winds its chain around your ankle to hold you back even more.

This cement shoe is made up of dense energy which is the residue of false beliefs about yourself .  False beliefs you took in from this relationship after it went awry.

These beliefs are untrue and they are keeping you separate from remembering who you really are. These are any beliefs that you are unworthy or unlovable or incapable of loving or even, that you deserved to be punished in some way by ‘The Universe’ because of it. These dense energies were produced by your ego mind in relation to your past relationship to prevent you from experiencing true love…joy, peace, connection, intimacy, abundance; all aspects of unconditional Divine Love; the only True YOU!

2. You perseverate

There is no better word to describe what happens when you continue replaying your relationship, your break-up, your conversations.  You re-read text messages and emails.  You keep replaying the conversations.  You keep going over it and over it again and again in your mind.  

You hear the conversations, you conjure up the memories of what happened and where. You find yourself dissecting it to find where you can blame, where you can shame, where you can make them accountable for hurting you, what you should or could have said to change the outcome…

…and in doing so, you keep the feeling worthlessness alive and well.  

You find yourself repeating the atrocities to anyone who listens and also see yourself as a victim and the other person or people reprehensible! You strive to be ‘right’ while being ‘wronged’ and you continue to seek being vindicated and perhaps have become self-righteous.  

And yet inside, underneath it all, you are in pain and continually asking  “why couldn’t they love me?” when that was all you ever really wanted. 

3. You automatically distrust anyone who invites you to see things differently…

Perhaps it was just an innocent comment or a question but it challenges your ‘truth’ about the situation.

You feel the resistance, perhaps even anger. You become indignant and it rises up from deep within you creating a rush of heat. You immediately take a defensive stance preparing yourself for battle, to defend your beliefs, to defend your position and of course, your victimhood.  This preparation for battle, whether it is internal or external, prevents the normal and necessary energy flow of moving in and moving out.

Suddenly you feel that old sickening feeling you identify as being unlovable, unloved, alone and abandoned

…And you believe it all over again.

Therefore, every time you rehash the past, the residue energy gets more and more dense and you become more and more stuck. A vicious cycle,  like a dog chasing its tail trying to make logical sense of it all.

In truth, the answers lie not in your head rather they lie deep within your heart.  This is where your truth truly lies waiting for you to come back home. Home where the Heart is…where Love awaits you.



The Next Step

What if there was a way for you to let go of all of this? What if you could really be set free of these cement shoes around your heart and start living and loving as you were meant to? Would you be willing to let it go and trade in those cement shoes and dense energy?

If your answer is YES, then it would be the greatest act of Self Love you could ever gift yourSelf! Give yourself the gift of forgiveness and freedom and watch what The Universe delivers! 

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Forgiveness is the single most important step in starting the letting go process and it is the key to having the love you want, the love you deserve and the love you will have when your heart shifts along a different path.  

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Let Your Freedom Ring Through Forgiveness!

Let Your Freedom Ring Through Forgiveness!

Forgiveness – This week in the USA we celebrate the freedom of our country on the 4th of July.  It’s a great time of celebration with family and friends and is often marked with traditions of BBQ’s, music and fireworks Fun right? It wasn’t always…

A Little History Lesson On Forgiveness

If you explored what was at play underneath the many battles that won us our freedom from England, you noticed it wasn’t just about letting go of the ties that bound us politically from England.

It also was testament to the ties that bound each of those freedom fighters to their pasts.  They’re pasts were released because they were willing to do so! It was these internal battles were won becoming the catalyst for the freedoms that we enjoy today.

In other words, before those battles were fought on the outside, the battle took place within each of them.

First was the release of their ties to the past of old worn out beliefs, misguided loyalties and souls lost to the system governed by ‘shoulds’ and should nots rather than ‘woulds’ and ‘coulds’.

Next, they were able to create the new life they yearned for, filled with the freedom to choose their futures!

Forgiveness and Freedom Go Hand in Hand

Seems like the internal battles of these freedom fighters were no different than yours are now. You must be willing to let go of what no longer serves you in favor of freeing that energy and creating what serves your heart and feeds the freedom of your Soul.

Free flowing love is inherent in the energy at the core of your being.  As a result, this call for love is a call for letting go of what keeps you anchored in the past. Letting go is what Forgiveness is all about.

In simple terms, Forgiveness is coming back into alignment with the truth of who you really are. Most of all, forgiveness and love allows you to set yourself free to pursue Life, Liberty and your Happiness!

Only Forgiveness of your past can set your future free to become a new reality.

Let Your Freedom Ring Through Forgiveness! The Forgive to Live Master Class teaches you exactly the steps to take.

Speaking of Forgiveness…

Our very first #QuoteContest winner, Barbara Hinz with this winning quote.

“Forgiveness turned inward is the ultimate expression of self love.”

This ultimate gift of Self Love is also a gift to others as it has a ripple effect when your energy goes out into the world. Only forgiveness and letting go of your own false beliefs connected to your past can set your future free to become a new reality.  And it’s that reality creating the world we all live in. We are always connected. This is important for you to remember!

Global Forgiveness Day

Also, coming up this week is Global Forgiveness Day, celebrated on July 7th.  Make your own plans to celebrate!  That means every person around the globe is being called to reflect and forgive and to free themselves of any worn out belief keeping them separate from expressing their Love.

Ultimately, freeing yourself is the secret to cultivating Peace for you personally and extending it out into the world.  So, if you are willing to embrace this ability to free yourself and forgive, you will Let Your Freedom Ring!



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What You Ought To Be Doing So You Don’t Struggle During The Holidays


I come from the belief system that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Do you?

In fact, I am convinced of it each, and every time I review any part of my life no matter how far in the past I go or even if it is just an hour ago. I can see this pattern that always seems to show up, always with the same message, “I AM here. I’ve got your back!”

Most of the time, it leaves me grinning, feeling loved and even cherished. Other times, I can find myself scratching my head and asking, “OK, so when and how is it going to show itself?”

As I look around me now during this holiday period, I see lots of people struggling to get into the holiday spirit. There is quite a bit of angst and even grief for some who are stunned by the chaos of the world or still in the aftershock of the elections and are trying to heal their wounds.   (more…)

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