#26: Lee Ann Heltzel — Tapping Into Your Highest Potential Using Creativity and Imagination

January 23, 2021

The Canvas of Your Heart Awaits You!


What do you get when you merge human potential + esoteric gifts + an empty canvas? You get Meta Art, the perfect picture of the Heart work you were born to do!

Lee Ann walks the talk of the masters…

Destined for greater things they say? What should I do she asks…

Pick up your bed and walk they say? She sells everything and walks away…

Be a light unto thy own heart they say? She asks which direction do I need to see…

Shift frequencies with your art and teach others to do the same they say? She makes every moment a brand new start and does it all through her art!

Lee Ann has an amazing new way of teaching others to unwind the secrets of their heart, tap into their own essence and share it out into the world. Her methods will lead their minds to tap into their own greatest potential through their creativity and connect with their fully realized self.

MetaArt, MetaWork and Ocular Meditation…Believe me when I tell you…this a powerful combination all lead from the heart!

Lee Ann works with individuals, corporations and organizations to find their true essence and ‘work it’ from the heart to their art and bring it to life in all they do!

Watch this incredible interview and pay particular attention to that gorgeous art in the background.  Enjoy!


More About Lee Ann

“My ultimate role is to help others tap into their innate creativity and connect with their Fully-Realized Self .” – Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel

Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel’s talents are multi-faceted but at the core of everything is the quest for discovering untapped human potential.

Lee Ann operates Creative One, a branding and marketing firm where she uses her esoteric gifts to tap into her client’s essence or ‘Creation Point’, stepping into and expressing their highest potential.

Lee Ann’s groundbreaking MetaWork and Immersive MetaProcess steps the client into that essence point of their Fully Realized Self to explore how to express themselves fully in all aspects of their lives.

Her MetaArt paintings are channeled portals to higher consciousness that shift the energy in spaces they inhabit and when meditated upon.

To Lee Ann, creativity and imagination are human capacities that can be used to tap into one’s highest potential where this deepening self-awareness serves All.

Gifts From LeeAnn

Ocular Meditations

Fully Realized Self

Connect With Lee Ann

Visit Lee Ann’s website for courses and more 

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