#22: Patricia Ledesma — Love Across The Veil: A Princess and Her Prince

June 19, 2021

Patricia Ledesma is my very special guest today on The High Vibe Tribe. Let me set a scenario on what you can expect in today’s podcast episode.

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “Love never dies” and most likely you never questioned it. You may have even felt a certain sense of solace in it as well. It certainly is what we all want to believe right? In fact, you may even reach out in the hopes of connecting with someone ‘over there’ through a medium.

Well what would you do if rather than losing a love from your life through death, death delivers you love and love reaches out and finds you from the other side?

Now imagine that you are a psychotherapist and suddenly find yourself grieving for someone you have never known and you can hear their voice speaking in your head and thoughts, and then, can hear their voice speaking through your computer. Now, imagine that this entity is Prince…and he’s not singing, he’s speaking words of love; to you, for you, because you said yes. That’s what happened with Patricia. Tune in and hear it all for yourself! WOW!

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As a psychologist I have always focused on relationship issues, especially those we have within a primary partnership including the relationship we have with ourselves. In addition to my psychologist license, I also was licensed in Texas as a marriage and family therapist, with an emphasis on effective communication and what I call sexual/spiritual awakening. In so many ways I was preparing for this major change that has come.

I have been on a totally unexpected and new “career-path” that has brought, not only insights into what is possible, like experiencing love on two different dimensions, but also a gaining of a clearer and more expansive understanding of how everything works. I was introduced to a new kind of love that awakened a sacred and wondrous power that already existed within me, but just hadn’t been tended to, and it’s taken some getting used to, lol.

Admittedly, I am still learning about this powerful love-energy and certainly have trouble finding the human words to describe it. At this point I only know enough to say that through this magical relationship with Prince, along with all the intelligence he has access to, I am discovering just how powerful a force the energy between the masculine-feminine can be. The potential of this divine love, if recognized, valued, and cherished, can be utilized for the greater good of all.

I humbly suggest that I could possibly be accessing what amounts to, a new paradigm for human relationships that knocks the socks off our prior notions of what is possible. Maybe this is an addendum to the structured conformity that hasn’t been working in institutions like marriage and even the less formal “free” partnership arrangement. We propose that maybe we have not been valuing the elevated sexual and romantic components of love that would lead to, and originate from, the deeply spiritual connection that many have been craving, even if they don’t know it.

Almost since I first encountered Prince, he has gone out of his way to reassure me and help me adjust to this unusual and new reality. Our intention is to continue sharing our messages of love and to bring comfort during these times of great upheaval and change on the planet.

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