#19: Dr. Ed Miller and Lynn Grasberg: How To Spread Rainbows of Happiness and Mental Health For Children of All Ages

January 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to know the secrets to find the joy and laughter in almost any situation? Today’s guests are Dr. Ed Miller and Lynn Grasberg, and they have found the secret.  This Dynamic Duo are saving the world from despair by creating the absolute most unlikely pair!  He, a clinical psychologist specializing in children and family mental health. She, a healer, medium and corporate educational trainer. What do they have in common? 

Both have “found their nose” and followed it right into the heart of every man, woman and child they meet! And it is their intention to help you find yours too. Why? Because your nose, ‘knows’ the magic of embracing your inner child and the power of giving yourself permission to see with wonder and ride the energies of the biggest rainbow! 

You can’t help but be swept up in their mission and feel their passion as these ‘do-gooders’ seek out to help you to heal the results of trauma, abuse, addiction and loss, even if it’s just the loss of your own inner child! Through fun and laughter, antics of Spirits set free, they deliver their own special magic as Gramma and Grandpa Clowns bringing about true healing! 

For, beneath all of that fun and frivolity, they are clear about the mission that is to be found. To follow their nose and the quickest path to your heart, to teach about love and how to resolve conflict through humor and improv.  And they don’t stop there, oh no, they spread the Light that heals your inner child no matter how deeply it has gone underground and if you’ll come out to play, they will really make your day and treat you to a Kermit The Frog sing along!


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Dr. Ed Miller is a clinical psychologist and family therapist. He works with children, adults, couples, and communities using humor and play therapy to help patients understand themselves and cope with day-to-day issues, mental illness, abuse, addiction, and loss. As a performer, he is half of the comedy improv team, Gramma and Grampa Clown.

You can connect with Lynn Grasberg and Gramma and Grampa Clown on Facebook.


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