#16: Donna Martini: A Twist of Energy Plus a Splash of Mantra Mouse Makes For A Truly Remarkable Life

November 27, 2020

Tune in today with my special guest Donna Martini, who is truly one-of-a-kind.  She’s a conduit for creative energy and there literally seems to be a couple of lifetimes of work wrapped up into what Donna brings to the table. She’s an activist, writer, poet, producer, and creator to serve all things good including a very unusual way of getting her message across that comes with a daily boost! 

Her personal story of healing, and then becoming a healing agent for others, is an incredible journey.  

In this episode of The High Vibe Tribe, Donna talks about becoming her ‘most expansive’ through self-healing and through creating a program she calls Positive Manipulation.  This program puts the power of change right where it needs to be — with you!

Using Quantum Physics, Science, Spiritually principles and Universal Law as her guides, she vibrates at a running resting pace to create so many wonderful inspirational products, programs, and adventures for her little mouse with a mission, Mantra Mouse with a very mighty voice! 

Donna uses these mantras to shift her vibrational frequency and also to open up her consciousness to new ideas and possibilities and hopes that her mantras will do the same for others as they tune into the frequency of them. 

Tune in now and hear Donna tell the tales of Mantra Mouse and Positive Manipulation.

Read More About Donna

Donna Martini is a lifelong student of healthy lifestyle practices, self-healing techniques, quantum principles, and energy manipulation. She has been sharing her education for over 25 years as an activist, coach, speaker, producer, and writer through radio, television, and social media. In 2004, she chose to dedicate her most of her working life to community service, helping people transcend negative thoughts and emotions, old belief systems, and physical imbalances through a technique she calls Positive Manipulation®.

She believes everyone is extraordinarily gifted and capable of tapping into innate wisdom but would first need to “get over their human selves” in order to engage spiritually. “Our ego voice can be louder,” she contends, “and we need to decide—moment to moment—which voice inside our heads we want to listen to.”

She is the author of The Ten Commandments of Divorce, which helps divorcing couples keep their marital vow to love and honor for the sake of their kids. Her second title, My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras, offers 369 daily reminders of the power and potential we have to create our best lives.

In addition to writing books, Donna has several songs and her first attempt at producing a music video named One Nation’s Heart, received critical acclaim and much support on social media.

Her latest creation, MantraMouse, is a cartoon peace activist who promotes love and unity for our country to people of all ages.

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