I come from the belief system that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Do you?

In fact, I am convinced of it each, and every time I review any part of my life no matter how far in the past I go or even if it is just an hour ago. I can see this pattern that always seems to show up, always with the same message, “I AM here. I’ve got your back!”

Most of the time, it leaves me grinning, feeling loved and even cherished. Other times, I can find myself scratching my head and asking, “OK, so when and how is it going to show itself?”

As I look around me now during this holiday period, I see lots of people struggling to get into the holiday spirit. There is quite a bit of angst and even grief for some who are stunned by the chaos of the world or still in the aftershock of the elections and are trying to heal their wounds.  

I started to look in review and thought to myself, “What a shame that these shenanigans have contaminated the holiday season. What lousy timing!”  And then, like a bolt of lightning, I got it!

Of course, now! Whether we consciously realize it or not within our psyche, the timing is nothing but perfection!

Why? The chaos of the world is receiving exactly what it needs to heal. It has unfolded right into the energy of gratitude and Thanksgiving.

And to all things, this energy of light offers an opportunity for complete reversal of the energy of the downward spiral that many are feeling.

Instead, it is presenting the choice for igniting them with a renewed connection to ‘other powers’ and perhaps even a hope that only the light of Gratitude can provide.

You see, the energy of Gratitude is one of pure light, and as well as the recognition and acknowledgement of gifts, it is a healing agent of illumination. When met with no resistchristmas-1849263_1280ance, it must take you into a higher place. That is its nature.

And talk about more perfection; what has this light been met with? More light!

And the lights of this holiday season are here to draw you in like a moth to a flame, not to burn but to warm and comfort. They are here to raise your vibration so that you continue to feel and remember the blessings of this time and create the recalibration of energy (known as a HeartShiftfor entering in to the New Year with the energy of peace, comfort and joy!

So, take in the light. It has been perfectly positioned to deliver to you exactly what you need to “make your seasons bright!”

My very best wishes for your Happy Holidays and the perfection of the light of your bright New Year!


Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach

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