A Q&A With Client, Cassundra Ryan

Before you started working with Marcy, what were the issues that you were dealing with at the time?

Before I started working with Marcy I was suffering with abandonment issues, lack of self -worth and not being good enough. I really felt like something was wrong with me, even though some aspects in my life were working like my health and fitness, in the relationship department, I had no self -worth and every relationship I’ve been in, were all with emotionally unavailable men. I knew I was the common thread and I so I decided to make it my quest to get to the source of this condition and shift it because I desire to have that true Soulmate relationship one day. I logically knew I deserved it, but my energy was putting out the opposite.

How have those issues changed since working with Marcy?

Since working with Marcy, I’m still single and that’s through conscious choice. I understand that I still have some more work to do to be at the level of love I want to be at to meet my Soulmate. I’m so much closer to that now and my willingness to do the work and my complete surrendering to the process has helped me to move forward with acceleration and grace. I’ve shifted and released so much and as my own vibrational frequency has elevated my own sense of self-worth and deservedness is no longer in question.

How has your perspective changed since working with Marcy?

Instead of thinking, or reacting out of habit, I now tune into my body and communicate with love. I inquire instead of suppressing and I’m being more compassionate and forgiving with myself. I’m more consciously in the now rather than operating from past conditionings or wounds. I totally honour and love my Divine Self and I journey in my life with more ceremony, ritual, celebration, gratitude and prayer. Marcy has helped me to see, feel and be more of my own shining light of love.

How have you grown since working with Marcy?

I’m now in a place of temperance and I’m able to stand in my own power and truth of who I am, with ease. My light continues to shine brighter as my story unfolds

What are some of the difference that you’ve noticed about yourself since working with Marcy?

  • My sensitivity to energies has heightened and I’m able to read into them really quickly.
  • My own self-love, worthiness and deservedness are being honoured.
  • I’m not vibrating in that abandonment frequency anymore.
  • I love myself more intimately, which enables me to love my life and my world around me more intimately. 
  • My life is now really sacred and I have a greater relationship with everything.

What are some of the differences in your relationships since working with Marcy?

The differences in my relationships now, since working with Marcy, particularly my close family and friends are that we truly value and honour each other’s company and each other’s space.

Most of all, with love, I’m able to let go of those in my life whose energies are toxic and non- supportive

How has working with Marcy changed the way you see yourself?

I now see myself as the Divine being of love and light that I am. I know I am loved and supported and I know I deserve exactly what my heart and soul desires. I know it and I feel it.

How has working with Marcy changed the way you see others?

I now see others through loves eyes and acceptance and that they too are divine

Do you feel a greater or lesser ability to navigate through life’s challenges since working with Marcy?

I feel my ability to navigate through life’s challenges, since working with Marcy, is much greater than before. I keep coming back to the peace that I’ve made with myself through her work with me. I’m able to see things with more clarity and my discernment over my choices being made are coming from a healthy place of power and self love.

Would you seek out Marcy’s assistance in the future for any other challenges that you may need to be supported with?

I continue to stay in touch with Marcy and her insight, wisdom and love are always in alignment for what I need right in that moment. I know I will be working with Marcy again in the future, her methods and gifts of healing are exactly what I need when I have something challenging to shift.


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