heart audioI just listened in on your Soulmate call and I just feel so much love for you!…I was totally agreeing with everything you were saying and I think much of what you talked about on your call, you have touched upon it in our sessions together.

I really loved your teleclass. I love your wisdom and I love your love! I’m so deeply grateful for knowing you and having you as my Heartshift coach. Everytime I hear you talk, about anything, I feel a shift in my heart.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Since I last talked to you on Skype I’ve been putting my hands on my heart and sacral chakra and sending myself love every day, first thing in the morning and it feels fantastic. I love how you explained to put your hands on your heart and to feel the shift when you declare that you are loved and cherished beyond all measure. I’m definitely doing that every time one of those limiting beliefs arise, and whenever I feel like loving myself anyway.


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