Dianne Collins, author of ‘Do You QuantumThink®’ takes us on a inward journey of Universal Laws and Quantum Physics for the purpose of bringing us to a powerful place of “being aware of our own awareness!”

The result?

The ability to make choices from a higher place of awareness that can create a greater response and happier result.

Finally, some answers!

What is the focus of your work
Dianne:  My life’s mission is to have us go from “knowing” the wisdom – to actually living it — as the walking-talking embodiments of the great wisdom known to all mastery traditions – now being verified by quantum science.

That we are living in a multi-dimensional reality of holistic systems — a world of energy in flux informed by intelligence — a reality that is consciousness-based, mind-based — where we, are human “observers” co-create reality according to what we hold in our own awareness.

The focus of QuantumThink® is to have us take a quantum leap from the archaic industrial age thinking of our recent past, to apply as practical wisdom a new era of quantum age thinking that is holistically attuned to modern developments in quantum physics, technology, and spirituality.

QuantumThink® is a system of thinking, 21 specific distinctions (principles) and Recreations (practices) that have us instantly living, thin king, experiencing from the expanded and up-to-date reality that is the cornerstone of higher consciousness.

Here is an illuminating statement about my work and my book, Do You QuantumThink?:

“What is most striking about this intriguing new book is the author’s practical approach for transforming our ordinary thinking into wisdom, a goal of many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Dianne Collins’ concept of QuantumThink is at once contemporary and ancient, practical and philosophical. For most of us, our hearts and our minds conflict, but Collins skillfully interweaves the two.”

—NATHAN KATZ, Ph.D., Director of the Program in the Study of Spirituality and Professor of Religious Studies at Florida International University


This Podcast Episode

Talking Point #1
Why we need to QuantumThink in this time of a monumental shift.

Talking Point #2
How we can get higher consciousness into our world.

Talking Point #3
When you master your mind, you master your life.

During this podcast interview, you will learn how to create your particular ‘resonance’ and then, how to activate it so that you are creating with your intent and start to live the life you have come here to live.


More About Dianne

Dianne Collins, a highly acclaimed leader of new consciousness, and popular media personality is the creator of QuantumThink®, the groundbreaking system of thinking offering us a methodology – 21 specific, advanced principles where Dianne blends scientific insight and spiritual knowledge into practical modern wisdom – to create real solutions for our modern lives – from inner serenity to relationships, business results, and global affairs – through awakening awareness and expanding the way we think.

Dianne is an 8-time award-winning author of bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, considered a “must-read” for our changing times. A consultant to executives, entrepreneurs, students and celebrities, Dianne has been interviewed on hundreds radio and TV shows, is a featured blogger on The Huffington Post, and a recipient of the Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs award.

Dianne works with people to master their innate genius using the physics of mind – what she calls the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind: Intent, Intuition, Subtle Energy, Resonance and Meditation.

She combines her powerful intuitive faculty, awareness of energy cycles, knowledge of universal spiritual laws, and mastery of quantum principles made practical – with the intent that we live in an awakened, peaceful state as a way of life – in the fullest expression of our purpose and greatness.

Dianne Collins places higher consciousness and self-mastery within reach of anyone and everyone with her entertaining, life-changing online video course, “Master Your Mind – Master Your Life” that many call a masterpiece.

Keep up with Dianne


TWITTER @diannecollins


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