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CREATE UR Dreams™ VisionBoard Kit

This product, a 15 X 20″ mirror etched with the words, ASK, BELIEVE, IMAGINE, ALIGN, ALLOW and RECEIVE is the focal point for your manifestation success. </p><p>Place pictures and photos of your goals, your wants and your desires on the this mirrored board

You see, CREATE UR Dreams is based on integrating the science of the brain (neuro), with the science of the Law of Attraction. As your brain believes everything that it sees is real, Create UR Dreams powerful processing brings it all to life.

Also included in your manifestation kit are 3 pages of affirmations which Marcy created to support your manifestation process, and also to help you to identify what has been preventing you from attracting these things before.These affirmations help you to create the necessary energetic shifts for your manifestation success and to turn your dreams into your reality!

Included are:

  • A 15″ X 20″ mirrored dream board,
  • Suggested affirmation decals,
  • Blank decals for creating your own affirmations,
  • Full instructions on the manifestation process.

So, go ahead, join the creative stream and Create UR Dreams!

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