CELLpH Reiki Practitioner Certification


CELLpH Reiki Practitioner Certification course includes CELLlpH Love -The Process + CELLpH Reiki Course and Attunement plus Certification


This course integrates the CELLpH Love Process for happiness and well-being with the principles of HeartShifting for creating sustainable health with the teachings of CELLpH Reiki. This course is prepared through the eyes and heart of Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach.

As the creator and only Master level teacher and visionary of this course, she combines the CELLpH Love principles with CELLpH Reiki to prepare any individual with the tools and information necessary to create their own happiness, well-being and physical/spiritual healing through Reiki.

Upon completion of the Reiki Practitioner course, students will have combined an ultimate true self-healing experience with that of the Reiki Practitioner and will now be able to perform CELLpH Reiki with others for ultimate healing and sustainable health.

This course includes:
• Fully illustrated teaching and reference manuals
• All supporting scientific materials and research
• CELLpH Love Reiki ideals
• Guided meditations for deep cellular recalibration
• CELLpH Reiki preparation and attunement
•PLUS a 90 minute, private/one on one session
•Q&A, course review
•Instruction and private attunement for certification as CELLpH Reiki Practitioner


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