Forgive to Live: Making Peace to Live in Peace – How It Came to Be

Do you remember the FB, Quotable Quote Contest that I held last year? It ran from June to October and every week, another winning quote was selected. I was moved to collect original Forgiveness Quotes in order to create more energy of Peace and Forgiveness in the world. It was a very exciting project for me in many ways.

My intention was to make it fun for people by offering some really great prizes for our weekly winners but also to raise conscious awareness, that Peace begins within us. Only then is it projected out from within, being radiated as a natural organic process of Love expanding and extending itself. It’s been my experience, with nearly 45 years of experience in this field of healing hearts that Forgiveness, is one of those powerful paths that leads us to Peace.

We had a great response and received so many great quotes that I found deeply moving and a beautiful reflection of where hearts are on this Forgiveness journey, from all around the world.  And although we couldn’t include them all as winners, many of the quotes shared these themes; they speak to the power of choice, cultivation of awareness, clear action and letting go of the dense energy and that these are the cornerstones for personal empowerment when you step up to the opportunities to create your own freedom.

The Book Project

The culmination of this project was to create a book for people to actually hold and to feel the energy and intention of the pages and to see and feel it in its wholeness. It also holds the intention to give voice to those whose hearts wanted to share their own messages of truth. So guess what….drum roll please…..As promised, we have collected those quotes and published them in a beautiful, full color, 60+ pages of guidance, wisdom and words that heal! Forgive To Live: Making Peace To Live In Peace has been born!  And you can find it at!

buy the book

Just one of the many beautiful image quotes. You’ll experience them all in full-color along with insight on just what each quote means in terms of making forgiveness the stepping stone to energy healing and shifting what’s in your heart.

Wait until you see it! It is so beautiful! And, to let you know just what you’ll be buying, as a bonus, you also get my wisdom and teaching as well! I’ve commented on every winning quote chosen (of course!),  as well as included a chapter of my recommendations for starting your own forgiveness journey, when to start, where to start and most importantly, HOW and of course, why! Why, it’s so extremely important for you to let go of the energy that is keeping you separate from your happiness and yes, in some instances, even your health!  Check it out at

Also, did I mention the pricing that I put on this book to make it so affordable that you can buy it for all of your family and friends? In fact, at the out of the gate price of $9.50, you can even buy it for your enemies and maybe together, you can finally let all of that go too! The truth is, the price that we pay for freedom is never too high!

Oh and something else…did I tell you that 20% of all profits go to

Check this organization out and see for yourself how worthy this programming is…Seeds of Peace is for supporting our children to become Peacemakers! And I think that you will agree, that if ever there was a time that we need to support our children in learning conflict resolution and peace making directives, and to learn how to Forgive, it is now!

So, I guess the question is, are you ready to give peace a chance to change your life and the lives of those around you? Because, if you are, your starting point is right here among these pages of Forgive To Live: Making Peace To Live In Peace. You can be assured that it will point you in the right direction, the direction of your heart where forgiveness is waiting to bring you deep and abiding Peace that will touch the world and those around you because that’s just what it does…everything has a ripple effect.

So, with great fanfare, I’m so happy to announce that our long awaited book, Forgive To Live: Making Peace to Live In Peace is ready to order! You can purchase it right here at

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