There’s so much talk about 2018, about the changes in our lives that it foretells. We who live in the USA find ourselves in a country experiencing a dramatic shift and are unsure if it will shift to the top or like the Titanic, shift to the bottom.  And of course, the rest of the world is watching, waiting, and have their own predictions as well.

Personally, I’m finding at this time of the New Year, I have to slow myself down a bit.; stay out of the chaos and reconnect with a few truths that help to anchor me in.  I also remind myself of the illusions at hand and of what is and what isn’t.


These beliefs are really what make a difference for me and help me to stay above the fear as much as possible and align with the truth of our timelessness. So, the notion of a New Year is a bit of a folly and one that misleads us in my book.   There is so much about the New Year that doesn’t align with my beliefs other than it’s a great excuse for a party and I do love a good party!

But the truth is, I really don’t believe in the time or space continuum as it is taught. I have had way too many experiences to the contrary to believe in that bunk.   I also can’t relate to it as a measure of who I am or what I should be doing.  I’m a believer in life as a continuum, a ceaseless flow without beginning or end so there are none.

There is just infinite flow..and the perfection of all things so please don’t ask me to make resolutions or promises that I have no idea if I will keep as I am still ‘in the flow.’ It introduces an element of disappointment or disapproval.   And let’s face it, there are just some things that I, just like you, may still repeat to some degree if it is a deep issue that I am still working on. I look at it as fine tuning my ‘dials,’ so that I can tune into a different energy vibration/frequency but still an important aspect of ‘my’ flow.

I’ve learned to accept this while I have also learned to be more conscious of my choices and to remember to determine if they are going to take me closer or further away from what I want to experience in my life.

I believe this is the key to happiness…to develop a keen awareness of which direction we are poised and if it is not going to produce what has the potential to lead us to a fuller expression of love, to learn to pivot towards what will. This is what empowers us!

Unfortunately, we know that this is sometimes confusing as there may be conflicting voices in our head that we may believe are coming from our heart.

Hence, the confusion and chaos.   Nonetheless, there are some principles that will never lead us astray and will help us to unlock those locked doors to our happiness. So, here are a few tips that will keep you in the flow of unfolding…HeartShifting, right here, and right NOW!


  1. If someone tells you that it’s time for a new you, pivot and remember instead to just practice more at Being you! The real you, not the ‘expected or watered down version.’ You are already whole and designed perfectly for your task at hand of being you! This will bring you a huge dose of happiness!
  1. Instead of making any kind of resolutions that are filled with fear of not ‘being enough’ or other unfair sort of grandiose expectations, accept that every Nano second is the opportunity for life to begin again, anew. There simply are no limitations in any way and time doesn’t ever run out for you!Instead, have some compassion for yourself and make an intention but from a place of a higher understanding. It’s like a runway for your energy and manifestation. And, make certain that the intention is in alignment with your heart’s desire, not someone else’s. Intend to unfold, to expand, to stay out of your own way and be the greatest expression of your truth and then, be committed to doing so because an Intention without commitment is a recipe for suffering. So before you make that intention, ask yourself, am I committed to this..will I do what it takes to co-create this in my life? If you’re not full in, ask yourself how much you are willing to give and let that be OK for now.
  1. ‘Let Go and Let God.’ It’s the only path you can take for success following your intentions and commitment to allowing new things into your life. And although it may seem counter intuitive to make an intention and then to let go, remember, you’re not intending to make something happen, you are intending to commit to allowing something to happen. Big difference right?  Can you feel that difference? Can you feel your HeartShift? Cultivate the feeling of allowing, the belief of the power of doing so and feeling safe to let go. Allow rather than working so hard to make things happen. You don’t even need to know how, you only need to be committed to staying out of your own way and let it happen!
  2. Keep making space….in your life, in your world, in your mind, and most certainly, in your heart. And the best way, in fact the only way from where I see it, is to let go of the clutter, no matter what it is. What’s taking up space that has dead weight in your life?Forgiveness is a form of letting go. Letting go of the experiences of the past that weigh heavily on your heart. And you may have noticed that a heavy heart feels very little happiness let alone joy! This forgiveness requires flexibility and the willingness to see things differently so that you can experience something new in your life too. In fact, that’s all that the new is waiting for…for you to make space for it!Old, worn out beliefs, habits, perspectives, even relationships take up space and energy within you!   Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” and I believe that he  was  right. In fact, my own experience demonstrates this over and over again. That means that you need to constantly and consistently re-examine your life as well as your experiences. Do you do this for the purpose of beating yourself up if you don’t like what you see? No! You examine your life for the purpose of making adjustments so that you DO like what shows up!Ask the question, what do I need to let go of so that I can have a happier life, and expand into a greater expression of my true self? What do I need to change? Listen to the answers that come from your heart, not your head. Your head will most often lead you astray. Your heart never will.
  1. Find a way to give of yourself in new and different ways. If you find yourself shrinking and hoarding yourself from others, keep pivoting, trying on new things that call your heart forward and then, give it. Let go of the need to hoard you, breathe through it and expand and let love extend through you instead. You will need for nothing if you will do this. Show up for yourself, with yourself and give the only thing that is worth giving; give Love.

Love yourself enough to find out what is for your highest good, be committed to letting go what isn’t, make room for what is and make giving from your heart the most important aspect of your life. That way there will always be an open landing place for love to land within you.

Give the gift of you, and, give yourself, as described by Abraham as “turned on, tuned in and tapped in” to the infinite Source of Love; already there within you in your heart of hearts!

My message to you then for 2018, is to remember that you are timeless and so is your life.

So rather than waiting for the New Year to unfold for you, just keep beginning anew every time you want something new!   And by the way, if you have any questions or need some guidance in how to tune into your heart, love yourself enough to reach out and get what you need in order to do that. Your happiness really does depend on it!

And If my words and heart resonate with you, reach out to me.  Here’s my website:   I promise to be here in every way possible to help lead your way.


Make 2018 the year your heart expanded and Love extended itself through you.

Make 2018 the year of your heart.


With Great Love, Huge Hugs and HeartShifts,


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