I’d like to welcome Rodger Ruge, a 20 year veteran of the police force of Santa Rosa, CA.

As he walked the streets trying to regain order, he had seen it all; the violent gangs, the strung out prostitutes, the drug deals gone bad and his job was to clean it up as fast and best as possible.

In fact, he thought that he was pretty immune to it all until one day he was ‘the’ first responder to a multi-car pileup where he came upon a scene so filled with devastation that he thought it was a detonated bomb. There was nothing that could have prepared him for what happened there and what happened to him consequently as he wasn’t able to shake the images from his head let alone his heart.

The only problem was, he didn’t know what had gripped him that day…he didn’t know that the self-destructive patterns and “suicide missions” that he was experiencing were due to the trauma of what he had witnessed that day. He didn’t know just how at risk he was until 5 years later when he had a flashback in the courtroom and everything as he once knew it just fell apart.

Listen in to Rodger’s amazing journey…from street detective to an “Amazing Healer’ of those who have shared his shoes, Veterans of all levels of service. There unfortunately are so many of those who walked a similar path and have been forever changed by the trauma to their hearts and minds in service to others.

But Rodger’s message is that there is new hope and there is new promise for each and every one of them who suffer with PTSD also now known as PTSI, as he once did .

Rodger Ruge’s story is one of incredible triumph; It’s one of healing and finding purpose and fulfillment now in a very different service to others and at long last, living a life of freedom from the horrors of his past.

Keep Connected or Get in Touch with Rodger

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodgerruge/

Facebook page for sound therapy

​Contact Info:

Rodger Ruge – 707 975 0899
Certified Stress Management Practitioner, Coach & Trainer 
“My life mission is to heal, teach and inspire others to the grandest vision of whom and what they wish to become.” 

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