Healing Broken Hearts During the Holidays

Dealing with the Holidays and Healing a Broken Heart – Courage in the Face of Crisis

Happy Holidays everyone! ‘

Tis the season to be jolly…fa, la, la, la la

All kinds of celebrations and merriment is at hand. Parties, gatherings of all kinds, everything to lift your Spirits and encourage you to reach out to your fellow brother and all of mankind. It is a time around the world where love has its way, sheds its lights in our hearts and even during war, often a cease fire has been directed. 

But what if you personally can’t muster up any fa la la la la’s?

What if even the most brilliant and festive lights fail to lighten the load you are carrying either on your shoulders or in your heart and you are unable to launch into the holiday season the way that your heart yearns for?

Ugh, it’s so painful isn’t it?

It feels like the whole world is out having fun, celebrating and being jolly and that you are the only one in pain, feeling separate and alone.  I’ve been there, I know. It would seem impossible to see the light at the end of your tunnel let alone feel it!

Is that happening for you?  If so, I want you to know that you are not alone. Many people around the world are also in the midst of a personal crisis, a health crisis, a financial crisis, a business crisis or the worse, are grieving the loss of a loved one.

They are in a heart crisis just like you are. And I also understand knowing all of that may still be no consolation.

Let’s face it, when life has turned you upside down and inside out and shaken you from head to toe, it is painful.  And unfortunately, even the beautiful intention for peace of this holiday period has not proclaimed a cease fire for your heart and you believe you cannot be protected from the pain coming into your life.

My message to you today is about how you can protect yourself.

You see, although you may feel and believe you have no control over what is happening in your life at this moment, you are never completely disempowered and that is something important to remember.

In fact, it  is the difference between falling into despair and staying stable, even when that despair seems to be calling to you and you are enticed into answering.

So what is this magical cloak of protection you can blanket yourself in?


HeartShifting takes you to a different perspective; a new perspective that fosters a greater connection to the world within you as well as to the world around you.

What might be so powerful that has the ability to activate this, to achieve a heartshift?

Your choice.

What you do have control over is your choice to  utilize the free will that has been gifted to you. And what do you need to shift towards in order to feel protected and connected once more?

You are being called to reconnect with love instead of connecting with the fear of annihilation that is rising up out of  the situation. For at the core of each crisis is the fear that you are dying and that fear can show up in many ways, have many disguises on many levels but it always holds the same message…your destruction, your death. This fear would have you believe you will no longer exist.

And in truth, you may no longer exist as you have known yourself previously. And yes, that may be in physical form as well but the promise given to you, and what you will hear in the interviews that I will share with you in the weeks to come, is that even with physical death, there is no death. Let that sink in a moment….You’ve been lied to, led astray. There is no death of you.  


What I have in store for you during this holiday period and into the New Year, are stories of real people who also had to choose to see and believe in something different in order for new life to show up in theirs and in every single case, they have become more expansive, more connected to themselves and more connected to others and to Source.  The result? New paths that unfolded into new life with restored hope, faith, and peace.

Deep, deep abiding peace.

These stories will help you to remember the power of these choices and your power to transform and transcend your difficulties enough to be comforted and soothed even while the energy of them is still chaotic.

Courage to trust, willingness to surrender your fear and a change of Heart will be called for but let us help you to get to the other side, to cross the threshold leaving the house of fear and walking, head and heart held high and into the house that Love built where you will finally be set free.

Healing a Broken Heart

So tune in to the next few podcast episodes and take these stories into your heart. There is something here for everyone!

My blessings to you for joy, peace and freedom and to healing your broken heart this holiday.

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