Forgiveness and Self Love

A number of years ago I began to notice in every case where I was teaching my radical self-love processes, there would always be a bump in the road needing additional attention until my students could move on. 

It was nothing that could be stepped over or around. In fact, it always demanded attention and most times,  full attention until the expansion of self love could develop.

So what was it? 

It was the need for forgiveness at a very pivotal place where a certain aspect of emotional maturation had stopped. This was a profound realization that really started to create pivotal shifts in the lives of those I was working with.

It was amazing to me how this information would come forward. It was rarely right out there in the open and often instead had many layers of muck over it, preventing it from being seen and acknowledged.

And this muck was pungent! Filled with old smelly socks and things kicked under the bed. The stories often wound around and around, some apparently repetitious in their themes, others seemingly disconnected yet an eerie similarity.

But then through the haze of denial, anger, dismissal and sometimes even rage, there would be tears…lots and lots of tears with a chaser of indignation and a ‘how could they’.

So what was all the hold up you might ask?  Why and how did this energy of forgiveness hold such command?

Because the energy waiting for release through the process has become stagnant and dense and like a blood clot and its effects with the surrounding tissues, it  creates at the very least a stricture so the energy cannot move freely through but in extreme cases, necrosis of self, had already begun to attack the very fiber needed to nurture any new growth or life.

Sounds scary right?

It is…that’s how insidious it is..that’s how erosive it is to the relationship with the Self with a capitol S! It produces a complete breakdown within the internal communication system that is relying on clear flow to get the energetic nurturing and nourishment it requires.

How did this show up? What were the symptoms that caught my attention?

  • Instead of radical self love, there was radical self sabotage
  • Instead of radical self love there was radical confusion
  • Instead of radical self love there was radical self doubt
  • Instead of radical self love there was radical separation of self

Are you getting the picture?

In other words, instead of having access to the limitless vats of energy that only wanted to enhance their lives, they were cut off from the very energy supply they needed to fund any expansion being called for in their lives.

As you can imagine, this is painful, very, very painful.

So the marriage with self also had to be a marriage with Forgiveness as a witness to the ceremony of dedication and commitment to thine own self be true.

So what does the process of forgiveness do?

It unravels the stories, sorts out the truths from the illusions so the confusion can clear.

It reduces the need for self sabotage in order to keep those old stories going.

It reduces the affected areas eroded by self doubt and a new confidence is born of personal empowerment activated once again.

And instead of feeling separated from yourself and the rest of the world, there is repair of those broken cords and a union is re-established inside and out.

In other words, it is remarkable!

And what is even more remarkable is the rush of energy that erupts when the forgiveness of self is realized, an opportunity to spread your wings and see your deeper beauty  that had been hidden with the folds of those stationery wings all this time is finally exposed and you see yourself like you never have before and you are seen by others as you have never allowed yourself to be before as well.

And suddenly, the peace beyond all understanding is yours.

And yes, it becomes easier and easier to recognize the choices and decisions and actions to take that are in alignment with the life your heart wants and deserves to live.

Where it once seemed impossible, now more than ever it does seem possible and you can continue on the journey of developing a self love awareness that becomes a self love lifestyle aligned with the HeartShifts that open the doors for living from Spirit that feeds your Soul! A marriage made in heaven!

More on Forgiveness, HeartShifts and Self love to come!

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