The Beginning of a HeartShift

Forgiveness has long gotten a really bad rap. There just seems to be something about it that causes even the boldest to run for the hills or to avoid it at all costs!

Why do you think that is?

  • Is it because of the pain that it causes?
  • The frustration?
  • The chance that your story about it might have to change?
  • How about that it will require you to change!

The fact is, all of those are truths and there is more where that came from!

  • You might have to admit you were wrong,
  • You might have to let go of your armor and be vulnerable again
  • You might have to learn to be flexible instead of rigid
  • You might have to give up some judgment about the other person of situation
  • You might not be able to find blame when you are all finished and then what? Who is responsible?
  • You might have to move into the next chapter of your life
  • Your family and friends may not recognize you
  • You might be asked to see things differently and then what if you are asked to BE different too?
  • You might have the need to reach out for love and support
  • You might not feel separated from the world any longer
  • You might start to feel a new softness and people won’t be afraid of you anymore
  • You might find that you are in need of a long rest because you have been holding so tight to that energy for so long it has exhausted you!
  • You might find that you like yourself or even love yourself and then what? What will be your next step?

These are all good questions, but they are not good fears. If they were really good fears, they would be real. However, they are illusion and delusion…nothing bad will come of you if you forgive and yes, even if you have to give up all those things that you have been holding onto, rather than feeling vulnerable and scared, you will feel vulnerable and strong! What a paradox!

So what’s at the basis of such a bold statement as that?

The journey of Forgiveness is an opportunity to set aside the pain and suffering and exchange it for happiness, clarity and freedom…yes, freedom!

The weight of all of that dense energy is heavy…it takes its toll on you. It’s hard to carry around, its hard to keep feeding it and its hard to figure out what to do with it the longer you carry it around with you!

Forgiveness has inherent within it the energy of new beginnings and even new life that is brought about by the HeartSHifts that accompany you step by step through the process.

Remember, a HeartShift is a recalibration of the energy of the heart…what that means is that its vibrational force shifts to a higher frequency. This higher frequency results in your ability to attract other energy compatible to this energy wave. The wave builds in both its size and velocity and power.

Suddenly, new perspectives, new emotional responses, new thoughts, new choices and actions are taken and all with the company of new people and conversations and opportunities as well!  

The interesting thing is that Forgiveness both starts with the occurrence of a HeartShift as well as creates more HeartShifts in its process. This is what continues to open you up to the new life that lays itself before you. Your energy frequency keeps raising as long as it is fed and the feeding is inherent in the process itself.

There is brilliance in this design of you and the only thing that you need to do to start this whole process going is your willingness to do so…that’s it. That’s all the is standing in the way of you and the life that you say you want…just the little you saying to the BIG YOU, yes, I give up, step in and do your magic.

Are you ready to HeartShift your way into the new life that is waiting for you? Perhaps that’s your mission now…to get ready because when the Universe lays itself at your feet, and it will, it does so in a big, big way!!

In fact, the bigger the HeartShift, the bigger the life shift! Can you think of a more powerful way to shift than with forgiveness?

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