The Gratitude Coach

Today’s guest, Barbara Henricksen –Hinz, known as ‘The Gratitude Coach”, has a very interesting message.  

Gratitude is the key to your happiness! But how does she know? 

She lives it and has watched her life evolve because she practices it every day!

As you listen to her interview, the one thing you will notice right away is how happy she is and it is genuine! I can vouch for that! Barbara is so convinced of the power of the Gratitude principle, she dedicates her life to mentoring and guiding others in the art of being Grateful as well.

She believes anyone can cultivate it and put its energy to good use and in fact, using it to change lives……and Barbara seems to be on to something here.

She is far from being alone in this discovery. Gratitude seems to be getting a lot of press these days! Read on…

Gratitude, Well-Being and Happiness

Did you know there have been studies linking an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ with an increase in your well-being and happiness? I highly recommend you read many articles, books and research by UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons, the world’s leading expert on Gratitude!  

He goes into great depth to provide evidence on how this simple shift in attitude and your attention can improve your whole life! How does it do that?

Here’s my take on it.  Gratitude is so powerful and such a valuable healing tool because of its effect on your vibrational frequency and your energy field. Gratitude takes your vibrational rate from a lower frequency to a higher one and a higher frequency feels better all around!

You may have heard me speak before about energy frequencies being at the essence of every thought, word, choice, action, emotional response, every belief;  everything!

That’s right.

Vibrational Frequency and Gratitude

Every single thing that exists in this universe is an energetic representation of a vibrational frequency. What does that mean? Without getting too scientific, it represents the speed of the movement of light within an energy wave.

You may recall from your childhood science lessons about how light influences the colors you see. Sound works the same way. You can detect the amount of light energy moving through sound as well and in fact, not only do you hear it, you feel it. Your body is affected by it, as both sound and color have the ability to soothe, to excite, to calm, to delight! Sensations evoking emotional responses may even bring on memories.

So what does this have to do with Gratitude?

The vibrational frequency of Gratitude is very high because it carries a lot of light and so it has the potential to bring more light into your life!

How will that translate?

sunlight bridge vibrational frequency The more light that flows through you, the less density you experience. Density is experienced as resistance to the flow of life; lethargy, rigidity, depression, lack of connection to self and others, resistance to change, etc.

Abundance of light of course is the just the opposite.

You experience a drive to explore, to relate to others, to seize life, to share, to love, to give and to receive.

In fact, you may feel like you are in love you feel so light!

Bring in more light and everything shifts to align with it.

That’s why your health, happiness and whole being are so affected by it.

So why not start a Gratitude practice of your own and if you need some help getting started some guidance along the way, reach out to Barbara and let her show you the way! You can read her blog or visit her website

In fact, let’s all be grateful together and really let love pave the way to Peace and Happiness for all!

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