Magic, Lights, Finding What’s Right for You!

Magic, Lights, Finding What’s Right for You! The Holiday season can be really tough if you are going through a period in your life that has you feeling separate from the rest of the world. Feeling like life is passing you by is not only isolating but often leads to depression or even despair.

Amazingly though, you already have within you systems that have been designed to keep you afloat even in the most desperate of times. Unfortunately,  losing sight of these systems and becoming disconnected with them happens when you become more and more disconnected with life, and of course, the life that is within you.

So, I want to share one of these systems with you as a reminder of how powerful you are because you have been designed so perfectly to interact with the world around you and to get what you need from it.

That’s right. This world is never against you as it has been designed to support you if you will allow it. Wouldn’t it be great to remember this when you need it the most?

That’s why I’m here…just to remind you of what you already know.

Personally, I am reminded of this every time I pause to really take in the beautiful holiday lights that sparkle and beckon me in. I discovered there is always a particular color or configuration really speaking to me and produces a feeling or sensation within me.

Sometimes, it is even mesmerizing and I find myself doing a little ‘Soul Travel’ with a lucid dream of a far- off place or memory. Color is so magical like that.

It is a reminder that we are Energy Beings (actually Light Beings) and so any source of light energy speaks our language. It always delivers a certain message to our energy field that can lift us up even when we are the most down.

This is so brilliant! Seeing color because it is the orientation of light refracted into a vibrational pattern and it speaks to the vibration we are holding at that time.

Incredibly, color has the capacity to raise it by injecting more light or slowing the vibration down with offering less light. This is why certain colors speak to us more than others. It is also why, when you choose the color that will raise your vibrational field, it works!!

Lighter, brighter colors hold more light within them and the more light you are able to take in can have profound effects on your entire experience.

So, give yourself the gift of this Holiday  to feed the light within by reaching for the lights surrounding you.

There is a color waiting for you right this moment that is poised to support you exactly as you need and remind you that you are the light!

Beam on and may your Holidays be bright!

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