Still So Much Love In The Air!

What an exciting month February was for me! Valentines Day, one of my absolute favorite holidays came in with a bang here in Melbourne Australia and personally included a very sultry performance at the Paris Cat Jazz Club and culminated its vibrant 24 hours with a fantastic interview with Soulmate Coaches, Orna and Matthew Walters! If you missed that interview, listen in to the podcast on HeartShift Radio. They really shared so much about love and improving your romantic relationships and of course how your personal, Love Imprint® determines so much of what you experience!

But that’s not all! This Love just keeps on!

Forgive To Live: Making Peace To Live in Peace –  the book culminating my Forgiveness Quote contest last year has been published! The loving voices filled with so much wisdom and guidance from people around the world are being shared and  I am so thrilled, beyond words!

And as promised, some of the profits are going to a wonderful and so worthy organization called Seeds of Peace.  This is so fantastic but there’s more!


Melbourne Australia Knows Love and Kindness

I know I’ve shared with you that I’m in Melbourne, Australia and frankly, I just can’t say enough about this wonderful city. There’s so much rich culture and diversity I feel like a kid in a candy store!

But what I want to talk about today is all of the love that I am offered everyday here in so many ways and I wondered how it’s showing up in your life too?

I’m bringing this up because I know that sometimes we tend to overlook it, perhaps even ignore it unless it’s some monumental gesture and we may focus too much on the painful or irritating issues instead.

This of course is counter- productive, actually, self- sabotaging on an energetic level.

So, I thought if I shared what I’m experiencing you might bring your focus back to what feeds your heart as well and start looking for the evidence of the LOVE that’s all around you!

White Nights

Ok, so back to this fabulous place…last weekend was a city- wide celebration called ‘White Night.’ What is this? It is a full on, 12 hour party from dusk to dawn hosted by the city of Melbourne! And I mean party!

Nearly a million people showed up on the streets that had been blocked off for this occasion. No cars, no trams, no vehicles down the main street as well as many of its tributaries!

What added to the festivities was that many of the buildings had shifting holographic images that changed their facades from theme to theme. It was so magical!

There were performances everywhere, some on very official stages, some on balconies, some on rooftops.

Rock and roll, jazz, and even opera in many nooks and crannies all for the delight of the hundreds of thousands of people who attended. Wall to wall people moving from one location to the other to take it all in. I was there for over 4 hours, feeling all of that love, watching all of those people.

I saw ZERO incidents that required police attention. I saw no pushing, shoving or discourteous behavior. I witnessed no threats, no anger, no competition for the best views.

I witnessed the police actually talking to the people, pointing things out, even having their photos taken with their arms around each other. Smiling people, smiling police officers, 1 million people being kind and courteous to each other, laughing as they were sometimes getting squished, giving way, making way, inviting you to come forward to get a better view or lend a helping hand to make room.

What would happen if you smiled at the next person you see

At one point, I was sitting on the steps of the famous landmark St. Paul’s Cathedral, listening to the performance in Federation Square, watching the swarms of people move in slow motion through the street.

I was filled with the sense of such a deep peace and belonging like I had just received a grand, heartwarming hug from The Universe.

I looked over at the beautiful Flinders Street Train Station just in time to see the first holographic images spring to life on its façade and the stream of one continuous message, “What if you smiled at the next person you see?”

I think a small audible gasp escaped from my lips as I realized in that moment why I felt so loved.


Love, was still in the air!

I heard the roar of delight from those around me, clapping hands and smiles turned to hugs and high fives. The love was everywhere and evidently, there were many there that night that had already received the memo!

Smile and share the love in your hearts with those around you!

You never know where it might lead! So, Paris, you have nothing on Melbourne. This is a true city of Love!  They even spread its message on the buildings, lit up for all the world to see!

Now, “What if you smiled at the next person you see?”

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