Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Love Week! Can you feel the Love that’s in the air? I can and I have to say I’m getting a bit giddy from breathing it all in. Being in Australia this month means that I am breathing all of this in a day ahead of you! ☺   But, as an added bonus for you, you have the benefit of everything that I am breathing out as well so, lucky you because I AM breathing out a lot of Love and it’s coming your way! Sound crazy? Read on…

Love is all there is. Love is everywhere. You’ve probably heard me say this before but it needs to be reinforced over and over so that you stay connected to it and remember it when you have forgotten.

Love is the energy of creation, the very fiber of all things created. You might also say that it is at the core nature of all things, everywhere in the Universe.

So yes, Love is in the water, it’s in the earth, it is in the air…the entire atmosphere itself, which means that separation is not an option unless you are not breathing, taking nourishment or consuming liquid. (And then you still can’t get away from it because Love is all there is!) 

But here as an earthly, human being, this article is for you…a simple reminder of why you are here, especially during this week celebrating Romantic Love on Valentine’s Day and your fiery passion!

Remember, You Are Love

As Love, you are the only energy capable of creating anything. All other energies are a byproduct, a response produced depending on the level of the flow of Love. What is produced, is quantitative. It can be measured and even though we can easily see the effects of Love, what cannot be measured is the energy of Love because it is infinite. It’s 

ever expanding and ever extending. It never stops creating and does so through you! From my perspective then, if you and I are Love, our purpose is to create and co-create together to feed the expansion of Love and the extension of Love through us. 

By the way, can I just say, imagine the brilliance of your design that all you have to do is breathe in and breathe out to keep the flow of Love moving through you and still contributing to this endless supply! Kudos to that intelligence!

Are You Taking or Giving Back?

So now I’ll ask the question, how much Love have you been breathing? Have you been breathing in your share of Love or have you been rejecting it? Have you been breathing out your share of Love also or have you been hoarding it?

Take a moment and really ponder this question. Be real with yourself. If either is the case, you have been stopping the flow of Love in your life! It’s time for you to remember who you are! 

Love is everywhere in the atmosphere all around you! The truth is, you can’t escape it even if you try.  But sometimes when you have placed conditions on it or have crazy expectations of it, you may forget that it’s there. Sometimes you may also forget that you are part of the team that is meant to breathe it in but also breathe it back out again too. That’s when you may really start to believe that you are separate from love but of course, nothing can be further from the truth!

Breathing and Fanning the Flames of Love

What does breathing have to do with your ability to connect with Love this week? Here it is in a nutshell…everything!  Your passion and your love life is dependent on you being in the flow with Love.  And like any good flame that you want to create a bonfire with, it must be fanned into a frenzy of sorts.

So this week, connected to another or not, the flame of Love is waiting for you to ignite it and right here and now there is so much Love in the air that it will organically light your fire if you let it. As always, the choice is yours. 

Fan the flame of your love right here, right now with all of this Love around you or keep waiting for another to do it for you and keep yourself separate from Love yet another day. ☹

If you choose the latter, you will find yourself wishing you had created it within yourself, had readied yourself, fanned your flames to a higher level able to be seen far and wide and sent out your smoke signals expanded and extended for your Twin Flame to see you, only you as it sees itself within you!

So, for Love’s sake, breathe it in and breathe it out and watch and see how it shows up in your life as so much more than just a spark!

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