For those mothers who have lost their children, they grieve a never ending loss. No matter how many days, months or years that pass, a bereaved mother’s heart is clinging to the past. One foot in and one foot out, theirs is a life and heart that remains on some level, torn apart.

Wrap them today and all days in comfort and love.  Support them and send prayers. Perhaps just a tissue, a hand or a listening ear.

Whatever it is, just let that mother know that you and your heart are always near.

Let them know that the name of their child is welcome; encourage them to draw their child close.

Help them to see their love reaching their children beyond the stars above.

Listen to their stories and listen to their fears. And remember that the love between that mother and her child  is a never ending source of tears.

Remind her there is no guilt, no shame, no remorse or blame, just Love that is remembered and whole once again. Your love, your encouragement, your caring will help make her strong.  

And when she can finally breathe once again, remind her that you are with her no matter how long.


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I would also like to encourage you to listen in to an incredible podcast series on Self Love University called Mothers Helping Mothers to Heal


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