Letting Go to Let In®

Letting Go to Let In®

“The mental and physical space we create by letting go of things that belong in our past gives us the option to fill the space with something new.” ~ Susan Fay West

Your past is something you can’t run from, nor should you try.

But it’s not something to stay rooted in either.

To stay firmly tethered to your past (bad memories, relationships, traumas, shortcomings, failures, etc.) keeps you from unleashing your future.letting go

Letting Go is one of the key elements for achieving complete and whole Self Love.

Many people have a difficult time with this concept.  You may recognize this as an area you have trouble too.  

Falling back into the past and dredging up memories, hurt, anxiety, fear.  

Rehashing conversations over and over, continued feelings of hate, hurt, anger, betrayal and bitterness that you can't seem to stop.  

Saying your 'over it and you forgive' but you really don't mean it and you certainly don't feel it deep down in your soul.

I recognized this energy as one that needs to be shifted.  A shift to Let Go of all the negative and a shift to Let In the energy that will bring you peace, resolution and ultimately happiness.

My teachings help you discover and delve deep into the energies surrounding you (zodiac, chakra, free will, even the energy of addiction). One of my most popular and ongoing programs is Letting Go to Let In and its packed with manuals, workbooks, audio meditations, declarations and of course, my full support whenever you need it.

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