Learning to let go isn’t easy.  It’s so much easier to stay mad at an ex, to keep rehashing past grievances, to stay angry and have hate brewing around certain people or situations.

But letting go is possible when you understand that it’s not about learning how, it’s really about relearning.
letting-goBelieve it or not, you are already hardwired to know how to do this.   By all accounts, letting go should come easily and naturally…but we both know how that usually turns out.  Let me tell you why letting go isn’t as easy as it should be.

Society, you, me…we’ve been programmed to hold on and keep holding on for ‘dear life’, even when it clearly is not in the best interest to do so! Why have we been taught to do this? Who really knows where the fear started to take control and in which generation it seized our hearts and lives into paralysis. The truth is…it doesn’t really matter. Leave the ancient history in the past.  The important thing is you know what’s going on and you can start re-writing your history.


Right here and right now, proclaim it to the universe that you are in re-programming mode! You are both able and willing to press your restart button and move ahead. You see, your intention, your free-will, is the most powerful force in all of the universe!  In charge of where, how, and when your energy will be directed and what you want to create with it. In other words, you really do create your own reality!

Scared? Confused? Skeptical?  That will pass…once you learn how to be fully present in it.  You will be thrilled with what you can master and have control of in your life.   Your life will align to your highest good if that is where you direct it, and in your own time frame as well!  Just always remember, you are in charge.  So announce your intentions…I Proclaim I’m In Re-Programming Mode To Change My Life.

Step 2 – Learning About Energy

The universe is made up of energy…neutral energy, without judgment, conditions or expectations. In other words, it is neither, positive nor negative, right or wrong, good or bad.

Sit with that for a moment and let its meaning sink in. Energy wants to serve you and the best way that it knows how to do that is to read the energy messages you send to it and simply respond.

It is quantitative NOT qualitative! Based on how much energy you are directing on a subject or subjects, it just gives you what it thinks you want more of! The more energy you are putting in a particular direction, the more of the same you will get back. It has a boomerang effect.

Sounds simple, but remember that holding pattern that has been programmed within you? It is a powerful energy! So powerful in fact, it is what has kept you stuck in place, unable to let go, unable to move forward, unable to have the life you want.  Think beating a dead horse and expecting it to perform for you.

STEP 3 – Identifying What’s Wrong

So what isn’t behaving how you want, how you expect?  What keeps getting in the way every time you try and do something better for yourself or do something different?  If the same scenario keeps coming up, that’s the energy that’s keeping you stuck.  When you learn to  master the art of identifying the energies that have power over you,  the ones that are keeping you stuck, tethered to the past, you will finally learn to Let Go!  You can HeartShift these energies from dark to light, from hanging on to letting go, from keeping out to letting in…and once you do, your life will never be the same again!

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Marcy, The HeartShift Coach

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