Fabulous and Fearless in Love: One Woman’s Quest to Set the Bar Straight
March 14, 2020

You’ll notice right away how Kate speaks from a higher place. None of this ‘romancing the stone’ or do whatever it takes.  No way, because she speaks from truth and tells it like it is.

Kate let’s you know that it’s your responsibility to romance the rocks out of you…get the lead out of your butt and get ready for Love.

This Podcast Episode

What is the # 1 thing a woman needs to have in order to do that? Kate brings it…

Why does it matter? You’ll find out!

How can a women shift into this? There’s an easy way

Tired of attracting the wounded birds? Listen in

Want to break that pattern and move on into a ‘more than that’ relationship? Kate tells you how

Have you often wondered how a ‘man hears?’ You’ll be surprised!

What is an effective and authentic way for a woman to find the right, adoring man? It’s waiting for you here.

Lean in, listen with an open heart and take it all in. And then, find out why Kate is donating the harvest of her efforts to Adorned in Grace, a volunteer-led, non-profit bridal boutique selling gently worn bridal dresses and bridesmaids gowns
where all their proceeds fund efforts to prevent the practice of human trafficking and provide restoration to its victims.

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March 22More About Kate

“I believe that every single woman has the power within her to create the deeply loving
partnership she’s always dreamed of.

And I believe the key ingredient to this is through courageous conversations, first with oneself and then in the relationship. Helping women feel empowered to create the loving partnership of their dreams is what I do.

Teaching them how to have courageous conversations with themselves and their partner to create freedom and intimacy for a lifetime is who I am.”  —Kate

FOCUS OF WORK -Kate usually works with women who are successful in business yet anxious about love. Who don’t want to repeat relationship patterns yet are hesitant to date because of that fear.

Join Kate’s Online Show Fabulous and Fearless,  showcasing dozens of experts (including me) to provide a fun, insightful, advice-filled look into the world of finding the right partner for you.  This incredible opportunity runs from March 9th – March 22nd, 2020 and you can register anytime.


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