Peace In and Peace Out


The International Day of Peace is just that…a call for Peace.


How much do you have to spare? If you’re like most, you don’t have even a drop that you can share. Because how can you give what you don’t have?


You must find it for yourself first and only then can you begin. So, where do you look? Where can you find it?


Listen in to this latest podcast as I explore the energy that makes it all work.



September 21st is International Day of Peace. I’m so excited that a whole day has been dedicated to this energy of such magnitude…a powerful offspring of Love and consciousness rising!

But also, because I know that just by bringing it into the light, as we give it our attention, this energy will grow and it certainly benefits all of us to have more Peace generated throughout the world doesn’t it?  

So, Thank You!

Just by you reading this article, you are doing your part. But I wonder if you really know what it is that you’re creating? Have you ever experienced Peace?

Gratefully, I have and the ripple effects of it in my life have been incredible.  Here’s a quick little exercise to get you going so that you can see what it will do for you too. Will you give Peace a chance to show itself to you?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly release it out.

Let your breath get soft, allow yourself to get soft and soften your belly.

Let your mind get soft.

Let your eyes get soft.

Let your softness get soft.

Are you able to? Or did your mind chatter start up right away and rob you of the peace? If so, no worries! It takes practice to let peace rise. It is a challenge when you are being pulled at from so many different directions.

But that’s the beauty of a practice…you only need to choose again and you don’t have to be perfect. You can cut yourself some slack because you are just practicing.  So, what do you want to practice? What kind of peace do you want to create?

Peace of Mind?

Peace of Heart?

Peace and quiet?

Peace in the world?

Where does true Peace begin? Where all creation begins…In your heart!

So, here are 7 tips for you to cultivate more Peace in your life

  1. Get clear about what Peace is. It’s so much easier to create when you know what you are creating. By definition, Peace is, “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.” What does that mean for you? Look for it!
  2. Don’t be put off by how simple it ‘should’ be. It’s elusive because there is more chaos around you than quiet and it’s hard to gather yourself during all that. Let go of your ‘shoulds.’
  3. Accept that the practice is a journey and like any other journey, it requires a roadmap for every traveler. Here’s a bonus…You are the traveler and the roadmap is already within you! Clue….what helps you feel soft?
  4. Pay attention to when you feel soft, when you feel like you can let your guard down and be more flexible to soften your stance and then, do more of that.
  5. Love yourself enough to accept that the path for you may be different than the path for others. Your path to Peace is your own to find so don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others and you’ll be fine.
  6. Try to remember that Peace and Love are of the same vibrational frequency. They share the same energy wave so seek out Love and let it pave the way to Peace for you.
  7. No one can rob you of your Peace; it can’t happen unless you allow it to because Peace, is a choice! So, remember to say YES to love whenever you hear it calling to you and it will lead you to the Peace that’s waiting for you too. 2/4/1 WhooHoo!

Happy International Peace Day Everyone!

Peace out!

Huge hugs, Marcy

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