Springing ahead…how does your  garden grow?

I’ve always loved this quote, “April Showers bring May Flowers.” Part of that feeling of love was that my mother and grandmother used to say it all the time and so when I think of it, I think of them.

It holds an image for me of torrential rains and as kids we couldn’t go out and play but I always knew that the sun would shine again and soon we would be outdoors doing the things that we loved.

But I also loved it because it reminded me of how delicious the earth smelled and how lush and brilliant all of the new life held as it would spring up around me.

I invite you to take in all of the newness of Spring into your own hearts and as you turn within to also see what is in your heart ready to take root and bloom.

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Today, I will water, nurture, nourish and feed all of the seeds of Love that are waiting to bloom for me.

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