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    I encourage you to go ahead and book your 30 minute private phone time with me now. (Spaces fill up quickly and I don't want you to have to wait.) This call is about you. We can talk about any issue you feel comfortable discussing. The focus of this telesummit is Forgiveness and having unforgiven energy that may be holding you back, but if there is another topic I can help you with, please feel free to choose that session. Enjoy the free gift and I'll speak with you soon.

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Of Your Own Happiness


(All while re-calibrating your energy to a higher vibrational frequency that leads to dumping that toxic unforgiven energy once and for all!)

Here's The Reason Change Has Been Hard

When you find yourself living in the past and unable see any type of life beyond what you feel and experience right now, there is an element of moving on you haven't addressed and that element is Forgiveness.

I'll be honest.  It's hard to forgive.  It's easy to say the words "I forgive you".   What's hard is really meaning it when you speak the words.

To make true change, believing, feeling and accepting those words are crucial to shifting unforgiven energy.

So many of my current and former clients found an unresolved forgiveness issue was keeping them stuck, blocked and unable to have the life they wanted...and they never even knew it!  Maybe that's what's happened with you too.

And while there is no quick fix to any type of energy shifting resolutions, I have developed a process that gives you the tools you need to get started.

  • You Were Hurt In The Past And Can't Move Past It

    Someone or some event hurt you.  Replaying it over and over, holding onto anger, frustration, bitterness and resentment only hurts you and your ability to move on, to let go and to let in a new energy.  This workshop addresses what has to happen in order to make lasting change.
  • You Know There's A Reason You Can't Forgive, But You Don't Know Why

    You may know there is a person, an incident or even yourself that needs forgiveness but unless you understand the reasons behind it, you're not capable of fully forgiving and making the necessary energy shift away from the heavy, dense, weighted down energy of the past.
  • You Want To Shift Away From Dense, Heavy, Burdening Energy

    You're tired of carrying around the weight, the burden of the unforgiven past and you're ready to move that dense, dark energy out of your heart and make way for a loving, light and alive energy to fill the space. This workshop introduces the HeartShift concept that teaches you how to forgive, really mean it and change your life forever

Some of you, right here and now are having an AH-HA moment and after reading a little more will say, "wow, just wow...I always knew there was something holding me back but I never could put my finger on it"

Now at this point, there are usually 2 types of people:

  1.  Those who know there is an unforgiven issue in the past and have had the revelation that 'Yes', there is in fact need for recalibration of that energy in order to move on but maybe everything will be different this time. Maybe things will work themselves out.  Maybe they do need a little help and  to leverage the guidance and expertise of an online workshop … but have been hesitant to engage a coach to help them.
  2. A special group of people who recognize the amazing difference having a coach and guidance can make in their self-advancement processes.

This group is filled with hundreds of action takers, people who right now between all the game changing “ahas” about forgiveness and figuring out how and where forgiveness can play a part in their lives don't want to waste anymore time and want to dive right into learning how to forgive and healing through HeartShifting energy recalibration.

This group of people has taken immediate action before when it comes to their own self-advancement, not afraid to take a deeper look and make the investment in themselves that can:

-> Give them the tools of real change that last them for years to come

->Teach them to live their authentic life, true to themselves with a strong purpose and sense of Self Love that sustains for a lifetime

->Heal the past so they can be present in their life now and with their relationships in the future

If you’re ready to join this group of action-takers, now is your chance...


This Workshop Contains

An all digital, work-at-your-own-pace, self investment.  This course provides you with the beginning tools to learn about forgiveness, what unforgiven energy does to your body, mind and spirit and how to make the changes you need to start transforming that unforgiven energy into light energy of happiness, joy, abundance, success and love.

  • 5 Video Courses
  • 4 Workshop Manuals
  • 1 Visualization Audio
  • 1 Forgiveness Prayer
  • 1 Preparation Audio with Meditation
  • 1 Forgiveness Affirmations

What My Clients Say About Forgiveness and Coaching


“I was dealing with the issue of forgiveness, I did not know how to forgive and move forward… My growth has been extraordinary with Marcy’s work. Just teaching me the greatest lessons in life of Self Love, Self Respect, and been intimate with myself. This has given me profound internal strength where I can do anything in life…I have a greater love, energy, and connection spiritually that has changed everything for me. Marcy taught me how to forgive and let go, and how to let in. Once you have the ability of letting in your opportunities are endless. Marcy taught me how to Self Love, Self Respect and be intimate with my self this has given me the ability of greater strength that everything seems effortless.  The journey has been incredible and is continuing. I have the tools to navigate through life effortlessly with greater clarity and peacefulness.”


My personal development has been enhanced. I have greater self love. I have grown spiritually and know how to nurture my spirit. I have more positive energy in my daily living. I have developed a more positive flow of energy for change. I can recognize when my ego tries to creep back in to keep me from making positive changes. The process Marcy took me through helped with letting go of negative things that I was holding onto. Marcy helped me identify new interests to pursue. She helped me understand issues from my childhood that were keeping me from seeing things as a mature adult rather than through the eyes of a little girl. I know what actions and steps to take now, to get to my desired outcomes.

Here's What You'll Get In This Digital Workshop

Welcome Video

Marcy introduces you to the workshop, sets the expectations and gives some advice for making the most of this work-at-your-own-pace courses.  And even though you are working on your own, you will know you're not alone, that you're supported through the entire process.


Is There Something You Need And Want To Forgive?

It's important to know where you're starting from before you can make lasting changes.  This course module begins to identify your thoughts and beliefs on forgiveness, where you are on your path to forgiveness and your starting point for this course.

  • Video Course #1
  • Forgiveness Readiness Quiz
  • Workbook #1

Module#2 - Understanding Forgiveness, Dispelling Myths and Getting To Know Your Own Beliefs

This course begins by defining what forgiveness means.  Marcy takes you through a series of myths and truths about forgiveness and this module begins extensive workbook activity and exercises.

  • Video Course #2
  • Workbook #2

Module#3 - Learning How To Forgive

Learning to forgive means being able to recognize when and what to forgive.  It also requires becoming aware of thoughts and feelings associated with letting go and forgiving. This module begins to teach you the process you need to start recognizing when unforgiven energy is present and needs to be shifted and released.

  • Video Course #3
  • Workbook #3

Module#4 - Letting Go So You Can Move Forward With Forgiveness

Letting go is what you must do to get beyond the past and let in a better future. This module is comprised of two parts.  The first part teaches you to begin that letting go process. Included is a separate audio visualization technique and exercise to solidfy the changes you will make during this course. The second part of this module teaches you about stepping out of the past, moving beyond past offenses and looking toward your future with a new perspective on how to forgive.

  • Video Course #4, Part 1
  • Video Course #4, Part 2
  • Visualization Audio
  • Workbook #4

Module#5 - HeartShifting:  How to utilize this process to forgive, really mean it, let go and make sustainable changes by shifting your heart, your thoughts, your energy and your life.

HeartShifting is Marcy's proprietary process for recalibrating your energy and making the necessary changes to start living your life without unforgiven energy darkening the spaces in your heart.  You'll begin to understand how this process shifts energy, your perspective and ultimately what's in your heart. Once you learn to recognize when a HeartShift is needed, you'll begin to see the changes...bringing in joy, happiness, success, better health and of course love and Self Love.

  • Video Course #5
  • Workbook #5

This course is a perfect way to try out coaching services without a huge financial commitment

$97 Activates This Course Immediately (Reg. $192).
Act Now And Receive A Bonus 30 Minute Session With Marcy.

This special price of $97 is for 72 hours and only available because you took the first step and got my free forgiveness course.   This course is normally $192 and because you see the importance of forgiveness in the self-achievement process, you don't want to miss out on this generous offer.

"If you truly want to shift energy and release what no longer serves you, I recommend Marcy with all my heart. I’ve had many sessions with Marcy and each one of them has helped me to go into a deeper love for myself as well as releasing and healing those parts of myself that I wasn’t even aware of that needed releasing or healing."

- Cassandra Ryan

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

While everyone is different on their road to self-improvement, I can make you one promise. You will learn why forgiveness is an essential part of investing in the changes you want to make in your life; you'll learn how to recognize what needs to be forgiven and you'll be able to start working through the process of HeartShifting  which  is the recalibration of energy; the shifting of the dense, unforgiven energy to one of light. And I guarantee you have my support through this process.