This podcast is for anyone who needs support in finding a higher vibration.  It’s also an opportunity to give support to lightworkers and healers who because of their sensitivity to energy can sometimes get overwhelmed and need a place to recharge. They will be sharing who they are, what has worked for them to help raise their own frequency and what they are working on to anchor and raise frequency within local and global communities.

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#28:  Jessica Stone — The Insatiable Craving

#28: Jessica Stone — The Insatiable Craving

My latest guest on the High Vibe Tribe podcast is Jessica Stone, a writer whose journey has taken her across the pond on what many of us would consider an adventure of a lifetime.  But there was a very specific reason...

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#27:  Robyn Vogel — Coming Back to Love

#27: Robyn Vogel — Coming Back to Love

Robyn Vogel, my very special guest, is someone who has a world of experience when it comes to love, heartbreak and what to do to overcome and thrive.  There are moments in life that appear to be the ending of something...

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#24: Marcy Neumann — Conversations for Peace

#24: Marcy Neumann — Conversations for Peace

GIVING PEACE A CHANCE September 21st was the International Day of Peace. I’m so excited that a whole day was dedicated to this energy of such magnitude…a powerful offspring of Love and consciousness rising! But also,...

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