This podcast is for anyone who needs support in finding a higher vibration.  It’s also an opportunity to give support to lightworkers and healers who because of their sensitivity to energy can sometimes get overwhelmed and need a place to recharge. They will be sharing who they are, what has worked for them to help raise their own frequency and what they are working on to anchor and raise frequency within local and global communities.

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#31:  Shelly Wilson — Embracing The Magic Within

#31: Shelly Wilson — Embracing The Magic Within

Embracing The Magic Within In this world of so much push and pull, expectations from others and of course that nagging most critical voice in your head that has you constantly competing with others, how do you connect...

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#30:  Sandy  Lowres — WB40 The Wisdom of Women

#30: Sandy Lowres — WB40 The Wisdom of Women

WB40 - WOMEN BEYOND 40THE FUTURE IS OURS!   WB40 Sounds like a kickass new Rock Band doesn't it? Well…you might say it is in a way! It’s the brainchild of Sandy Lowres, founder and Creative Director of WB40 - a...

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