This podcast is for anyone who needs support in finding a higher vibration.  It’s also an opportunity to give support to lightworkers and healers who because of their sensitivity to energy can sometimes get overwhelmed and need a place to recharge. They will be sharing who they are, what has worked for them to help raise their own frequency and what they are working on to anchor and raise frequency within local and global communities. 

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#9: Lisa Warner — 3D to 5D Quantum Healing

#9: Lisa Warner — 3D to 5D Quantum Healing

In this latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe podcast, Lisa Warner tells all — even what's behind door #4.  Intrigued?  You will be. Lisa is so generous in this interview, teaching us how to break free from that matrix of Dis-ease and how to step into the unlimited...

#5: Suzie Cobden — Revolution to Evolution … What A Game Changer

#5: Suzie Cobden — Revolution to Evolution … What A Game Changer

Suzie Cobden is the perfect example of the power of a personal revolution that gives birth to evolution for Self and others. Quiet and introverted by nature, Suzie found her heart and then her voice to become a powerhouse of inspiration, a truly innovative leader and...


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