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LATEST PODCAST FROM HEARTSHIFT RADIO Listen in as Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach dishes on the latest in energy healing, gorgiveness, HeartShifting, self love and more!       Did you miss any episodes of HeartShift Radio?  Catch up and download all the episodes...

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PODCAST: Near Death Experiences as Discussed With Dr. Jan Holden, Former IANDS President

PODCAST: Near Death Experiences as Discussed With Dr. Jan Holden, Former IANDS President

Dr. Jan Holden Discusses NDEs (Near Death Experiences) Science and Spirituality come together once again in this smashing interview with University of North Texas professor and past IANDS President, Dr. Jan Holden. Jan Holden has her finger on the pulse of so much of...

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International Day of Peace Podcast

  Peace In and Peace Out   The International Day of Peace is just that…a call for Peace.   How much do you have to spare? If you’re like most, you don’t have even a drop that you can share. Because how can you give what you don’t have?   You must find it...

The Accidental Prophet – An Interview With Peter Michael Anthony

  THE ACCIDENTAL PROPHET Reading Peter Anthony's biography is like reading the most elaborate fiction novel you could ever imagine…with so many twists and turns you can never believe that this is real... Hobnobbing with the who’s who of Hollywood as a...

Spirituality and Medicine – An Interview With Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook

  Spirituality and Medicine Two of my favorite topics, Spirituality and Medicine are the focus of this conversation today with Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook. Like me, her career in bridging these worlds of conventional and non-conventional healing practices began...

Avita! A New Way of Yoga with Guest Jeff Bailey

Avita! A new way of Being, a new way of life, a new way of Yoga. Designed by Jeff Bailey, owner of Yoga Loft in Boulder and Gunbarrel, CO, it is a one of a kind approach to the true merging of Body/Mind and Spirit for the purpose of healing and as Jeff...


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