EPISODE #1 - Welcome to HeartShift Radio

by Marcy Neumann The HeartShift Coach | HeartShift Radio

Hosted by Marcy Neumann and featuring talks, guidance and advice on energy healing, forgiveness, letting go, HeartShifting and Self-Love.  Weekly episodes, bonus guest interviews and starting soon a live show airing on Sunday nights.


Avita! A New Way of Yoga with Guest Jeff Bailey

Avita! A new way of Being, a new way of life, a new way of Yoga. Designed by Jeff Bailey, owner of Yoga Loft in Boulder and Gunbarrel, CO, it is a one of a kind approach to the true merging of Body/Mind and Spirit for the purpose of healing and as Jeff...

Podcast: Betrayal is No Longer a Dirty Word With Guest Dr. Debi Silber

BETRAYAL: NO LONGER A DIRTY WORD!  You’ve been there right?  You’ve tasted the bitterness of betrayal? I think we all have at some point or another. Whether it's your BFF, your trusted family member, your lover, is there anything that pierces your heart...

PTSD and A Healing Path for Veterans, Police and First Responders

KNOW A VET WITH PTSD? THERE IS HEALING TO BE FOUND HERE I'd like to welcome Rodger Ruge, a 20 year veteran of the police force of Santa Rosa, CA. As he walked the streets trying to regain order, he had seen it all; the violent gangs, the strung out prostitutes, the...

Podcast: Dolphins, Huna and More With Guest Belinda Farrell

Listen to this latest podcast to hear Belinda Farrell's story first hand, discover the magic and power of dolphins and healing. This is one episode that will leave you with a smile on your face and light and love in your heart. OUT OF THE ASHES, I RISE The story of...
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