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Healing Services

90 Minute 'Critical Care' sessions are available for crisis or immediate need circumstances upon request


Coaching Services

1. HeartShifting the 'write'way'

heartshift, heart shift coaching, life coaching, email coaching programThis is a 6 week program of weekly email exchange. I'm a writer, so it literally is my 2nd language and I have developed the ability to tap into my client's energy needs through my writing as well as through speaking.  It is one of my intuitive gifts and I am thrilled to offer this 6 week email exchange for those of you who are more comfortable with this arrangement. 

Although you won't experience the powerful one on one conversations and processes that I take my verbally guided private healing clients through, you will receive my intuitive guidance, my mentorship, tools, really powerful rituals and creative assignments that will help you to unfold and get to the other side of your issues or life challenges.

I put my heart and soul into my work and this is what you will experience  during each and every one of our exchanges.


2. Palpable HeartShift Processing

This is a totally customized 8 week, private one on one program for creating permanent, transformational life shifts that are a catalyst for unleashing your happiness, health, joyful intimate relationships, success and Spiritual Enlightenment, the key to 'having it all'.

Each session is conducted via Skype or toll free phone exchange, recorded and approximately 90 minutes in length.

Each one is intuitively delivered based on your particular needs at that time, but all geared to your unfolding of your authentic self and the personal empowerment that follows.

As I lead you through this process of self-discovery, you will develop an intimacy of yourself that is the foundation for true Self Love, Forgiveness and Letting Go of the resistance pattern now governing your life and keeping you stuck.

The ultimate result of this deep cellular processing is your Letting Go of the things that have kept you small, separate and miserable and the Letting In of your new greater sense of self, more confidence, intimacy, joy, health and the wealth that is your birthright. It's the birthing of all of who you really are, right now, as you need to be; as the world is waiting for you to be.

This program will help you to learn and develop the skills that will serve you your whole life through leaving you empowered, enlightened and capable of creating a great life; the one you came here to live.



3. VIP

This program can be experienced whether in person or online. I spend the entire day with you. 8 hours (with lunch, snack and bathroom breaks of course) talking, exploring your dreams and desires, excavating your issues and have prevented you from having everything you deserve and want in life, processing, Letting it Go and Healing from the inside out.

This day is filled with my intuitive counseling, HeartShift Coaching, skill building an deep, cellular, personal healing. This program unleashes your Spirit and rejuvenates and nurtures your Soul. At its finish, you will feel like you have been away on retreat for weeks and have returned lighter, wiser, clearer and more focused and in touch with the real you than ever before.

This program includes 3 weeks of follow up support coaching sessions and email exchange.



4. VIP Week

This program is 5 days of my full on, one on one undivided attention to your Spiritual, Physical and Personal Development needs.

Through the use of a variety of modalities and my intuitive sense, this is a complete, holistic approach to your health and redirecting of your energy.

It is geared towards releasing you from the bondage of your false and debilitating beliefs and fears creating your self doubt, your unworthiness, your 'not enoughness' and your unloveableness.  All of the perceived issues that have kept you unhappy, lonely and unfulfilled.

This program is goal oriented, providing the foundation and outlining a path for your to reconnect with your Spirit and higher self.  You will be able ot hear its messages and guidance and learn the skills and tools that will enable you to take action and proactively begin to create your new authentic, deliriously happy life.

This program can be facilitated either in your location or mine, whichever suits you best, as it is 'all about you' and how I can best serve you.

This program includes 3 months of follow up support coaching sessions and email exchanges.

Not sure which coaching program is going to work best for you? Get A Free Consultation With Marcy

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