Today is Global Forgiveness Day

And boy do we need more forgiveness.  You need only to give a quick glance around the world to see the impact of prejudice, hatred, and the pain of long term isolation. Violence on so many levels, physically and emotionally causing destruction and suffering provides all the evidence that we need of fear and separation spiraling out of control.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Love and remembering your connection to others  was the energy spiraling out of control? Do you think that it’s possible?Of course, it is! Why? Because the energy of Love is what is at the core of your truth which means if you let it out, it will get out of control (But in the best way possible!)

How To Let Love Loose?

How do you do that? Where do you start to let it loose?  What is the first step that we can take to align with Peace and let Love reign in our lives? There’s only one road to Peace and it is Forgiveness! And guess where it must begin? Within you! That’s right, you’ve heard it before, “Be the change you want to see.”

This is what it means..but are you willing to give it a try and claim Peace and Freedom and Joy for yourself? Forgiveness is the only way…forgiveness that begins and starts with your willingness to see things differently so that Love can then be extended from you.

Are you shocked by this? Are you recoiling from this pronouncement? Are you backpedaling and saying “no way!” Look again at the evidence of the effects of energy left to wither and shrink without getting the nourishment that it needs from Love.

It leads you to believe you are unloved or unworthy or have been abandoned. That fear produces anger and hatred and the desire to seek revenge!

Here’s my promise to you; if you will entertain the thought you could live life happier and healthier, feel connected to life in a greater way and be more present to Love, I promise Love will have a place to land in your life.

And that is all it is waiting for..a clear place to land so that it can show you what it is really all about.

A Call For Love

So right here and right now, you are being called! You and everyone else around the globe are being called to commit to creating Peace and Freedom and Joy and only Forgiveness will unleash all of that within you!

Reach within, reach out and let Love go wild and spiral out of control!

A Call to Action; A Call to Love, A Call to Peace for All!


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