Letting Go Bundle


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BONUS LETTING GO DECLARATION (starts at 30 seconds)

If you didn't already book your private 30 minute Letting Go Call with me, you can do that right now

**ONLY ONE BOOKING PER PERSON.  Any other booking will result in cancellation.


Choose the timezone where you are located. Located in the upper right corner of the booking area is a link to change your timezone.  Choose your timezone to sync available appointments. When you book an appointment it will be on the timezone you set up and it will automatically update Marcy's schedule so she will have the right time to contact you.

Step 1:  Choose the Letting Go Call With Marcy and click the 'Reserve Time' button.

Step 2:  Choose an open date and time.  If there are no open dates, move to the next week. If all times have been booked, let us know and we will add in more sessions.

**PLEASE NOTE** - Only one free 30 minute session per person.

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