Learning To Forgive Is What Helps You Let Go

 Forgiveness is perhaps the greatest act of Self Love. It is recognition that you are worthy and deserving of being set free. ~Marcy, The HeartShift Coach



Forgiveness is an area that many struggle to get past.  Not forgiving someone (and that includes yourself) keeps you tethered to the past, never able to get free from its grip and not allowing you to be fully present in your life now.

forgivenessI’ll introduce you to you forgiveness and why it is the key to letting go and healing so you can move forward and experience happiness, love, success, fulfillment and life to its fullest -- without the regret, anger, hate, bitterness and hostility that goes hand in hand with not being able to forgive and really mean it.

It is through my years of teaching and guidance, as well as my own experiences, that to be truly happy & healthy and to love and be loved completely, there is one essential act that must take place and that is forgiveness

Forgive others, forgive yourself, forgive the past, let it go and heal your heart.  That’s what this workshop (and the full-day ‘Empower Yourself Through Forgiveness’) workshop helps you do.

I know in my heart the more time you spend with me that you’ll develop a better understanding of why forgiveness is so important, how to begin to forgive and really mean it and what it takes to heal your heart to experience the love, happiness, success, fulfillment and pure joy life has waiting for you.


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