Of Your Own Happiness


(All while doing this one thing that leads to dumping that toxic energy once and for all!)


So I'll tell you now.  I won't go on and on, rehashing over and over how you need to make changes in your life to be truly happy.

After all, you already know something needs to change in your life and you're already searching for the answers that will allow you to make those changes.

You probably also know that in order for any lasting changes to happen, Self Love is at the center of it all.

But Here's What You Might Not Know


When you are stuck and can't move forward (or just get out of your own way for that matter), you have energy that needs shifting.

That’s is meant to flow forward. That’s how it brings new things into your life.  New things such as new opportunities for attracting more money or achieving better health or finding true love.



It is the first (and biggest ) step in shifting energy and making changes and moving you towards a new life.  And not just new things in your life, but a new way of life. A LIFE OF SELF LOVE. I'll tell you how in just a few minutes.

My own experiences, the 40+ years of teaching, coaching and through my own personal journey towards Self Love have all lead me to the discovery that this one thing will keep you rooted in your past.  And whether consciously or not, it's always there.  Seeping into relationships, affecting your career, your health, your daily moods.

So what is this one thing...the one thing that must happen before real changes and transformations can take place?


To make true change, there must be a shift of unforgiven energy.

I won't sugarcoat it.  It's hard to forgive.  It's easy to say the words "I forgive you".   What's hard is really feeling the change in your heart and really meaning it when you speak the words.

To make true change, believing, feeling and accepting those words are crucial. So many of my success stories with clients uncovered an unresolved forgiveness issue that kept them stuck, blocked and unable to attain Self Love

...and they never even knew it!  

Maybe that's what's happened with you too.  Maybe that's why relationships start great and fizzle out.  Maybe that's why your career isn't what you want.  Maybe that's an underlying cause of some health issues.  Because in all my experiences, both personal and professional, I have seen what NOT forgiving does to the mind, body and soul.

An Unforgiven Issue. So, how do you know?

Do you have someone or something you need to forgive?  How about yourself?  Yes, you. We've all done things and wished the outcome had been different.  Guilt, regret, sadness. These are serious emotions and if forgiving others and yourself hasn't happened, that energy is with you at all times, even if you're not aware of its presence.

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you're beginning to see the importance of forgiveness and how it truly is the start of real sustainable change for you.

  • You Were Hurt In The Past

    Someone or some event hurt you, hurt you badly enough that you replay it over and over, holding onto anger, frustration, bitterness and resentment. In the end, that only hurts you and your ability and willingness to move on and let go.
  • You Know There's A Reason You Can't Forgive, But You Don't Know Why

    You may know there is a person, an incident or even yourself that needs your forgiveness but unless you understand the reasons behind it, the reason why it's important, you're not capable of fully forgiving from the heart to make the energy shift away from the heavy, dense, weighted down energy of the past.
  • You Want To Forgive To Live

    You want to shift away from the dense, heavy, burdening energy once and for all. You're tired of carrying around the weight, the burden of the unforgiven past and you're ready to move that dense, dark energy out of your heart and make way for a loving, light and alive energy to fill the space.

Discover How To Recognize Unforgiven Energy and Most Importantly, Learn How To Forgive Someone  or Something (Including Yourself) In Order To Recalibrate Into A Self Love Energy Magnet!

Right now, I'm going to let you in on something...

Before I jump into the details, I need to address something that effects every single person who has ever considered or purchased a self-help program.

Not all self help is helpful.  But I think you already know this. And the main reason is ...

...if your past isn't resolved, no matter how many courses you buy or workshops you attend or coaching programs you join,  you will always be at risk for that unresolved, unforgiven energy to swoop in and disrupt everything you're trying to accomplish!

In order to have true freedom from unresolved energy, there has to be a release. The key to this release is Forgiveness.

And with your permission, that's what I'd love to talk to you more about today...

Tracie Bork

Through the detailed yet simple explanation of the power of your words and thoughts, Marcy clearly shows you the control you possess over your life and beliefs.

This is a very powerful workshop with soothing music, visually pleasing, informative videos (separate MP3s also available), a profound audio visualization exercise, affirmations, and a prayer of forgiveness. All of this plus a free 30-minute session with Marcy for forgiveness guidance and coaching supplies you with the tools to take control of your life and let go of that which no longer is serving you. I discovered forgotten grievances and was reminded of family issues I no longer need  hold . The hours I spent with this workshop, answering the workbooks and watching the videos, helped me to know myself better and recognize some buried triggers.

Tracie Bork


I've taken years of personal journey experiences and years of successful client outcomes and put 100% of my efforts into creating this Forgiveness master class to...


Online, Self-Study Master Class

A comprehensive, all-digital, work-at-your-own-pace, master class.  This course provides you with the beginning tools to learn about forgiveness, what unforgiven energy does to your body, mind and spirit and how to make the changes you need to start transforming that unforgiven energy into light energy of happiness, joy, abundance, success and love.

“I was dealing with the issue of forgiveness, I did not know how to forgive and move forward… My growth has been extraordinary with Marcy’s work...

…I have a greater love, energy, and connection spiritually that has changed everything for me. Marcy taught me how to forgive and let go, and how to let in.

Once you have the ability of letting in, your opportunities are endless...

... The journey has been incredible and is continuing. I have the tools to navigate through life effortlessly with greater clarity and peacefulness.”


My personal development has been enhanced. I have greater self love...

... I have more positive energy in my daily living. I have developed a more positive flow of energy for change...

... The process Marcy took me through helped with letting go of negative things that I was holding onto... Marcy helped me identify new interests to pursue. She helped me understand issues from my childhood that were keeping me from seeing things as a mature adult rather than through the eyes of a little girl.

I know what actions and steps to take now, to get to my desired outcomes.

Laura Hatfield
Laura Hatfield

Here's What You Get When You Join the Forgive to Live Master Class

Is There Something You Need and Want to Forgive?

It's important to know where you're starting from before you can make lasting changes.  This course module begins to identify your thoughts and beliefs on forgiveness, where you are on your path to forgiveness and your starting point for this course.

  • Video Course #1
  • Workbook #1
  • Forgiveness Readiness Quiz
  • Forgiveness Prayer
  • Daily Forgiveness Affirmations


Understanding Forgiveness, Dispelling Myths and Getting To Know Your Own Beliefs

This class begins by defining what forgiveness means and takes you through a series of myths and truths about forgiveness. This module begins extensive workbook activity and exercises.

  • Video Course #2 - Part 1
  • Video Course #2 - Part 2 - Beliefs
  • Workbook #2


Learning How To Forgive

Learning to forgive means being able to recognize when and what to forgive.  It also requires becoming aware of thoughts and feelings associated with letting go and forgiving. This module begins to teach you the process you need to start recognizing when unforgiven energy is present and needs to be shifted and released.

  • Video Course #3
  • Workbook #3


Letting Go So You Can Move Forward With Forgiveness

Letting go is what you must do to get beyond the past and let in a better future. This module is comprised of two parts.  The first part teaches you to begin that letting go process. Included is a separate audio visualization technique and exercise to solidfy the changes you will make during this course. The second part of this module teaches you about stepping out of the past, moving beyond past offenses and looking toward your future with a new perspective on how to forgive.

  • Video Course #4 - Part 1
  • Video Course #4 - Part 2
  • Workbook #4
  • Audio Visualization Exercise


HeartShifting:  How to utilize this process to forgive, really mean it, let go and make sustainable changes by shifting your heart, your thoughts, your energy and your life.

HeartShifting is Marcy's proprietary process for recalibrating your energy and making the necessary changes to start living your life without unforgiven energy darkening the spaces in your heart.  You'll begin to understand how this process shifts energy, your perspective and ultimately what's in your heart. Once you learn to recognize when a HeartShift is needed, you'll begin to see the changes...bringing in joy, happiness, success, better health and of course love and Self Love.

  • Video Course #5
  • Workbook #5

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way,
You'll Also Get Access to...

fade-leftfade-rightLIMITED TIME BONUSES

Pre-Class Meditative Audio

The best possible outcome from this class requires having the right alignment of mind, body and spirit. It's imperative to your success.  I've included this pre-class meditative audio to help you get prepared to receive this new information into your heart.


Audio Transcripts (MP3)

For a limited time, I'm providing audio transcripts of each course video so you can download them to your mobile device and take them on the go.  Keep learning in the car, while working out or relaxing outdoors.


30 Minute Conversation

For even more support during this course, I've added a 30 minute talk with me to review the work you've done in the class, help you with any issues that may have come up during your work or help you get started.  The choice is all yours.


So what's it worth to you if you could finally...


  • Identify a past event, person or yourself that needs forgiven
  • Take the steps to let go and release that unforgiven energy
  • Know for certain that no matter what situation arises, you have the tools to change the energy flow to move forward and...
  • Have Self Love as a core foundation in the new lifestyle you want to lead

This is the opportunity I want to introduce you to today


I'm thrilled to be able to offer a master class of this magnitude to people needing and wanting help to change their lives and to do so without asking for a huge financial commitment.

What you get in this class is my years of invaluable research, observations and experiences of helping my clients reach their potential to connect with their mind, body and spirit in the form of Self Love.

  • 5 Video Courses
  • 5 Comprehensive Workbooks
  • Prayer and Affirmations
  • Audio Visualization
  • Limited Time Bonuses including pre-class meditative audio, audio transcripts and time with me to personally discuss what may have come up during your work

$97 Activates This Course Immediately (Reg. $194).

"If you truly want to shift energy and release what no longer serves you, I recommend Marcy with all my heart. I’ve had many sessions with Marcy and each one of them has helped me to go into a deeper love for myself as well as releasing and healing those parts of myself that I wasn’t even aware of that needed releasing or healing."

Cassandra Ryan

Forgive to Live is perfect for you if...


You keep replaying events in your past over and over

You wish you would have done or said something different and you can't stop thinking about how things would be better if you had

You have trouble keeping relationships going or getting them started to begin with

You try to stay positive and upbeat but things still aren't manifesting like you think they should

You are starting to think an unforgiven issue is holding you back from the life you truly want and deserve to have

If any of the above resonates, you're in the perfect position right now to enroll and I can't wait to welcome you to the Forgive to Live master class and reward your commitment with the ultimate gift of Forgiveness and Self Love!

This half-off special price of $97 with the limited bonuses is only good for a while. This course is normally $194 and because you see the importance of forgiveness on your pathway to change, I know you don't want to miss out on this generous offer.

This course is a perfect way to try out coaching services without worry and without making a huge financial commitment

Don't leave here and have yet another regret. Should have. Could have. Maybe.  Take the first forgiveness step right here...and that's forgiving yourself for ever doubting that you deserve a good life, to find love, to enjoy success and to have the foundation of Self Love as your new lifestyle.


I Love My Programs and So Will You

While everyone is different on the road to finding their best self,  I can make you this promise.  You will learn why forgiveness is an essential part of investing in the changes you want to make in your life; you’ll learn how to recognize what needs to be forgiven and you’ll be able to start working through the process of HeartShifting  which  is the recalibration of energy; the shifting of the dense, unforgiven energy to one of light.  I stand behind my program, but if you’ve watched all the videos, done the workbook exercises, said your affirmations and daily prayer, listened to and performed the visualization and you still haven’t determined what needs to be forgiven, I promise you’ll have my support.


" I was really stuck in many negative patterns of behavior such as blame, rage and feeling like a victim.  Marcy told me things about myself and my past that no one else could have ever known.  Once I realized the truth of what she shared, I was able to start breaking free from from the behaviors that were causing me and my loved ones pain.  I was able to shift my beliefs, perspectives and behaviors as I started to shift my heart.  I was given concrete tools as well as visual imagary to help me apply her lessons to my daily life, to heal from my past and to start co-creating a beautiful, magical future for myself."

Ruth Ann Rosh
Read More About Ruth's Breakthrough With Forgive to Live +

Before you started working with Marcy, what were the issues that you were dealing with at the time?

The main reason was I wanted to forgive my ex-husband so I could move on with my life.

How has your perspective changed since working with Marcy?

I realized so many things from working with Marcy.  The main perspective that shifted was learning that I had to forgive myself first.

How have you grown since working with Marcy?

By realizing even more about my accountability for my choices in life, understanding that I really had not felt worthy of love and that I thought I had to earn it kept me stuck in anger, rage and victim mode.  Now I feel more love, more joy, more peace and more empowered.

What are some of the difference that you’ve noticed about yourself since working with Marcy?

I am freer, lighter, calmer, kinder, and have tools to help me shift and pivot.

What are some of the differences in your relationships since working with Marcy?

I am less resentful, quicker to look at my part, better at evaluating energy, better at boundaries and therefore feel and give more love.

How has working with Marcy changed the way you see yourself?

I realize how powerful I am, how divinely loved I am, how worthy I am, and how I have unlimited potential to give and receive love. 


Forgive to Live Master Class

Say YES and give yourself permission to invest in YOU knowing you can do this risk-free!

Get the entire Forgive to Live Master Class plus the limited time bonuses and the risk free guarantee all for $97.